2,000-mile journey to taste Paragon Restaurant’s famous Biryani in Kozhikode for Emirati YouTuber

Emirati YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri went on a remarkable culinary journey spanning 2,000 miles to sample the legendary biriyani at Kozhikode's Paragon Restaurant. Known for its authentic Malabari cuisine, Paragon Restaurant attracted Khalid's attention, prompting him to document his entire experience on video.

July 21, 2023: From traversing the streets of Kozhikode to encountering the region’s vibrant food culture, Khalid’s adventure showcases his passion for exploration and highlights the magnetic allure of Paragon’s signature biriyani.

Khalid Al Ameri’s Viral Journey to Taste Authentic Malabari Delights

Kozhikode’s Paragon Restaurant, known for its authentic Malabari food, recently had a visitor who travelled 2,000 miles only to taste their famous biryani. Khalid Al Ameri, an Emirati YouTuber, vlogger, and digital content creator, flew to Kerala to savour the much-loved Paragon biriyani while documenting the whole experience on video.

A memorable encounter with Kozhikode’s delights

Khalid’s vlog, which has gone viral, begins with him dressed in a white shirt and a Kerala mundu, bang in the middle of a road in Kozhikode. He is holding an umbrella, marvelling at the rain. He then goes to the beautiful Kozhikode beach with a popular Malayali food vlogger known by the handle Basims Plate, where he entertains viewers with some very witty commentary of the view, only to be chased into his car by a bull.

The irresistible taste of Paragon Biryani

Before heading to Paragon, the duo tried lava fish fry in another restaurant, served with rice, other accompaniments, and an intensely spicy marinade. Basim warns Khalid that the fish may be too spicy for him, but after tasting it, he gives it a ten of ten.

Upon reaching the iconic Paragon restaurant, Khalid and Basim are greeted by a family waiting for tables to vacate so that they can eat. They tell Khalid how they prefer the Paragon biriyani, a dish made in their homes. The visibly excited Khalid steps into the kitchen, where he meets the chef of the famed biriyani he’s about to eat. As Khalid asks the chef what the key to a fantastic biriyani is, the two share an endearing moment. “Love,” the chef replies, further building anticipation for Khalid to taste what he travelled 2,000- miles to taste.

As Khalid eats his chicken dum biryani, an expression of absolute contentment washes over his face. High-fiving Basim, he expresses his speechlessness with a broad smile. There are no words to describe how I feel. I’m sorry I can’t speak right now. These moments are rare for me. He says, “I loved it.”.

YouTube vlogging and more

As well as YouTube vlogging and digital content creation, Khalid is also involved in business and philanthropy. Four days after posting the Paragon Biriyani video, his YouTube channel has 2.31 million subscribers.

A culinary gem on the world’s food horizon: Paragon restaurant

Kozhikode’s Paragon restaurant recently ranked 11th on Taste Atlas’ list of 150 most legendary restaurants worldwide, which lists over 10,000 traditional foods and drinks. The restaurant’s continued success serves as a testimony to the appeal of traditional cooking and the profound effect it can have on people.

A meal at Kozhikode’s Paragon Restaurant shows Khalid Al Ameri’s culinary pilgrimage. He travelled thousands of miles to taste the iconic biriyani, demonstrating how food transcends borders and connects cultures. In addition to sharing the adventures and flavours, Khalid’s viral video brought global attention to Paragon’s legendary status in the culinary world.

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