An Astonishing Tale of a Hyderabad Woman’s Disappearance and Transformation

In the chronicles of perplexing disappearances, a case that had left investigators baffled for half a decade has finally been cracked wide open.

September 22, 2023: The Telangana women’s safety wing and anti-human trafficking unit have successfully unraveled the intricate web of mystery that shrouded the vanishing act of a 36-year-old married woman from Humayunnagar, Hyderabad, in June 2018.

Her story breaks convention, as she not only vanished without a trace but also meticulously erased her digital footprint and took on an entirely new life under a fresh identity.

The vanishing act

The protagonist of this enigmatic tale hailed from a well-to-do family and was leading a seemingly ordinary life as a married woman. Her disappearance in 2018 sent shockwaves through her community and left her family in a state of perpetual anguish. What makes this case truly extraordinary is not just the disappearance itself but the elaborate steps she took to obliterate every vestige of her existence, even forsaking her religious beliefs.

A life reborn

In a feat that seems right out of a spy thriller, the woman embarked on a journey of metamorphosis. She shed her former self, donned a new identity, and tied the knot with another individual. This remarkable transformation took her to the heart of Maharashtra, where she embarked on a new career path, working tirelessly with a non-governmental organization (NGO). Her audacious escape from her previous life and subsequent reinvention as a compassionate activist has all the makings of an incredible narrative.

The detective’s perspective

When Shikha Goel, Additional Director General of Police at, the Women Safety Wing, first encountered this case, she acknowledged its unparalleled complexity. In her own words, “While we have traced several missing persons using digital technology, this case stands out.” Initially, the investigators had their suspicions fixed on family disputes, a common thread in many missing person cases. However, as the layers of this mystery were meticulously peeled back, it became evident that this was a case of someone deliberately erasing not only their digital trail but their entire personal identity to start anew.

A history of disappearances

This was not the woman’s first brush with vanishing acts. Before her 2018 disappearance, she had gone missing twice before, once in 2014 and again in 2015. These previous incidents, coupled with ongoing disputes with her husband, added a layer of complexity to her case. In 2018, her father accused her husband of dowry harassment, alleging it was the cause of her vanishing act. However, CCTV footage revealed that she had left of her own accord, leaving the police investigation at an impasse.

The turning point

In 2019, her father turned to the judiciary for assistance, filing a writ petition in the High Court. This directive led the police to enlist the aid of the Women’s Safety and Anti-Human Trafficking Units. The breakthrough came when the woman’s friends divulged crucial information about her possession of a secondary mobile phone, used for booking cabs. Voice recordings from her interactions with cab companies and her initial trip to Pune provided the first glimmers of hope.

Cracking the digital code

The turning point in the investigation arrived with the discovery that her Aadhaar card had undergone recent updates. Leveraging this newfound information, investigators were able to trace her bank account details. Using cutting-edge digital investigative tools, they began to unearth her social media accounts under her new identity. Instagram posts, in particular, proved to be a goldmine of information, hinting at her whereabouts on the sunny shores of Goa, where she was deeply involved in social work. It was through advanced facial recognition technology that her true identity was firmly established.

The arrest

The culmination of this gripping saga took place in Goa, where the police located and apprehended the woman. Her true identity was revealed in a courtroom, a revelation that left her new husband stunned. During her court appearance, she expressed her desire to lead an independent life, a wish that the court granted.

In a long line of fascinating cases, this Hyderabad woman’s disappearance and subsequent transformation stand out as an example of law enforcement agencies’ relentless pursuit of truth. The story showcases the power of modern investigative techniques and a person’s indomitable spirit to chart a new path in life.

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