Anupam Kher to Star in YRF Entertainment’s Slice-of-Life OTT Film “Vijay 69”

Veteran actor Anupam Kher is set to star in the upcoming slice-of-life OTT film "Vijay 69," produced by YRF Entertainment. The film is expected to be a heartwarming portrayal of the bond between a father and son.


“Vijay 69” follows the story of Vijay (played by Anupam Kher), a retired school teacher who lives with his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter in Mumbai. Despite his old age, Vijay maintains a positive outlook on life and continues to inspire those around him. When his son’s job takes him away from home, Vijay is left to take care of his granddaughter, leading to a heartwarming tale of love and family.


The film is being produced by YRF Entertainment, the digital content arm of Yash Raj Films. It is being directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, known for his work on the film “Ferrari Ki Sawaari.”

Cast and Crew

In addition to Anupam Kher, the film features an ensemble cast, including actors Divyendu Sharma and Ritwik Bhowmik. The film’s music is being composed by the talented duo Sachin-Jigar.

In conclusion, “Vijay 69” promises to be a heartwarming portrayal of the bond between a father and son, and a celebration of the joys of family. With a talented cast and crew and the backing of YRF Entertainment, the film is sure to be a must-watch for fans of slice-of-life films.

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