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Arrested Terror Suspects Ran Training Camps in Diveghat: Pune ATS reveals startling details

Startling revelations have emerged surrounding the arrest of a terror suspect in Pune. Zulfikar Barodawala, accused of conducting bomb blast training sessions in Diveghat, was remanded in ATS custody until August 11. The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has uncovered alarming information during its investigation, linking Barodawala to two other arrested terrorists from Kothrud.

Pune, August 4, 2023: This article looks into the case details, shedding light on the accused’s alleged involvement in training individuals and providing financial support for terrorist activities.

Barodawala’s alleged bomb blast training sessions in Diveghat, Pune

According to the ATS, Zulfikar Barodawala conducted bomb blast training sessions in the Diveghat area of Pune. His arrest followed suspicions of his association with two other apprehended terrorists from Kothrud.

ATS uncovers disturbing connections and financial support

During the investigation, the ATS unearthed disconcerting information implicating Barodawala in training individuals for terrorist activities and financially supporting such endeavours. The probe further established direct contacts between Barodawala and the other arrested terrorists.

Links to other arrested suspects and ongoing investigation

The arrest of mechanical engineer Sima Nasruddin Kazi led to action against Barodawala. So far, five individuals have been arrested in connection with this case. Investigations revealed that Barodawala provided financial assistance to Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Yakub Saki, both actively involved in terrorist activities. Additionally, the ATS discovered evidence of regular phone
communication between Barodawala and the individuals, as mentioned above.

The ATS is the nation’s vanguard against terrorism

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is a specialized law enforcement agency in India dedicated to combating terrorist threats and activities. Formed to counter the rising menace of terrorism, the ATS operates at the forefront of the nation’s security apparatus. It focuses on intelligence gathering, sophisticated investigations, and swift response measures. The ATS plays a pivotal role in identifying and neutralizing terrorist networks within the country.

With a mandate to address high-profile and intricate cases, the ATS employs cutting-edge investigative techniques and intelligence gathering to preempt potential attacks and apprehend those involved in terrorist networks. By adopting proactive measures, the ATS collaborates closely with various intelligence agencies and law enforcement bodies, ensuring a synchronized effort to safeguard. Due to its highly trained personnel and collaborative approach with other agencies, it is a formidable force for protecting citizens from terrorist attacks.

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