Birbhum Mosque in West Bengal Unveils Rare Miyazaki Mango, Sold for a Whopping Rs. 10,600

Pune, June 9, 2023: In an extraordinary discovery, a Miyazaki mango, one of Japan's most expensive mango varieties, has been found thriving within the compound of a mosque in Dubrajpur, Birbhum. The exceptional fruit was auctioned off on Friday, fetching a great price of Rs. 10,600.

Kazi Abu Taleb, the president of the mosque’s management committee, revealed, “A local youth named Syed Nizamuddin had brought and planted the sapling a few years ago. Unfortunately, he passed away a year ago, leaving us unaware of the source of this unique mango variety. Previously, no one in the vicinity was acquainted with this mango species. However, this year, the luscious red fruits caught the attention of everyone.” 

The tree currently bears nine mangoes, with one put up for auction on Friday. Local entrepreneur Mirza Izaz Beig secured the prized fruit for a staggering Rs. 10,600. In the future, the mosque committee plans to sell one mango every Friday. Taleb emphasized the committee’s responsibility to nurture and safeguard this precious tree with utmost care.

Samarendra Nath Khanra, the Deputy Director of State Horticulture, expressed his verification of the Miyazaki mango’s authenticity, stating, “I have examined the photographs and confirmed the presence of the Miyazaki species.”

Regarded as the “Egg of the Sun,” the Miyazaki mango reigns supreme among connoisseurs for its unparalleled beauty, weight, aroma, taste, and price. These mangoes originated in Miyazaki, located in the Kyushu region of southern Japan, between 1970 and 1980. In the Japanese language, they are called “Taiyo No Tamgo.”

Japanese media reports indicate that Miyazaki mangoes initially sold at Rs. 2.7 lakh per kilogram. Notably, in 2017, a pair weighing 700 grams fetched an astounding US $3,700 in the international market, setting a record as the highest price for this esteemed fruit.

The discovery of the Miyazaki mango thriving within the Birbhum Mosque compound has generated significant interest and excitement. Each week, anticipation builds as residents and fruit enthusiasts eagerly await the chance to taste and possess.

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