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Black Magic Scam: Software Engineer Duped of Rs 28 Lakhs

This distressing incident sheds light on the prevalence of black magic scams and the devastating consequences they inflict upon unsuspecting victims.

Exposing the black magic scam, A software engineer, hailing from Dhanori and aged 33, fell victim to deceitful individuals who manipulated him with promises of supernatural solutions. The victim lodged a complaint at the Vishrantwadi police station, Pune city police, seeking justice and retribution. This in-depth article delves into the intricate details surrounding the case, shedding light on the fraudulent practices and the individuals involved.

Unmasking the Culprits

The police wasted no time in taking action against those responsible for perpetrating this black magic scam. A case has been registered under the Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act. The accused include three individuals and an astrologer who masterminded the elaborate scheme.

The Web of Deception Unraveled

The sordid tale begins when the complainant’s brother-in-law suggested engaging in witchcraft to restore domestic harmony. Succumbing to the conniving persuasions, the victim found himself embroiled in a series of deceitful rituals orchestrated by the fraudulent astrologer. The scammers capitalized on the complainant’s vulnerability, exploiting his desperation to alleviate his family’s problems and physical ailments.

A False Sense of Hope

A man posing as a skilled palmist and astrologer, visited the victim’s residence. After studying the complainant’s hand, he insisted that a machine be installed to rectify the family’s troubles. The initial price quoted for the device was a staggering Rs. 17 lakhs 46 thousand. However, the victim’s brother-in-law Vijay, deceived him by stating that the machine’s actual cost was a mere Rs. 2 lakhs 89 thousand.

The Machinations Unveiled

To execute their fraudulent scheme, the scammers employed acted as astrologer’s driver. The victim transferred the money to scammer’s bank account, and in return, he delivered the machine to the complainant’s residence. Temporarily, the disturbances within the household appeared to subside.

A Never-Ending Predicament

However, the astrologer’s demands for money did not cease. Exploiting the fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the scammer insisted on additional payments for rituals aimed at warding off the virus. Furthermore, he exploited the victim’s belief in Pidrodosh and claimed that further rituals were necessary to restore domestic peace.

The Dreadful Betrayal

On one fateful occasion, astrologer visited the victim’s house and declared that both the complainant and his brother needed to undergo a worship ritual to rectify their physical defects. Elaborate rituals were performed at his residence, involving the creation of dough statues embellished with household ornaments. These statues were intended to be transported to a Math (monastery) where they would undergo an eight-day worship. The statues, adorned with valuable jewelry, were entrusted to Kulkarni, who made a promise he never intended to fulfill.

Seeking Justice

When confronted, the victim’s brother-in-law feigned ignorance, leaving the victim devastated and betrayed. Realizing the extent of the fraud, the complainant approached the police, bravely lodging a complaint to seek justice. Senior Police Inspector Dattatray Bhapkar, who is leading the investigation, affirmed the victim’s claims and confirmed that he had been swindled of Rs. 20 lakhs and 25 tolas of gold.

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