Category B player list for Maharashtra Premier League (MPL)

The upcoming Maharashtra Premier League (MPL) is generating significant excitement among cricket fans as the highly anticipated tournament draws near. MPL has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts not only in Maharashtra but also beyond its borders. With a record franchise fee of 57.80 crores, the MPL has set high stakes and promises a bright future for the league.

One of the key factors adding to the tournament’s allure is the presence of icon-category players, including international cricketers and seasoned Ranji Trophy players. With renowned names like Kedar Jadhav, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi, and others, the MPL guarantees to offer top-notch cricketing action that will captivate fans.

Now, let’s delve into the complete player list of Category B players who will join A Players list of Maharashtra Premier League – Pune Post, as well as the icon players in showcasing their exceptional skills and talent in the MPL. These cricketers have earned their spot through outstanding performances in domestic cricket and are prepared to leave a lasting impact on this grand stage.

Ahmednagar: –

Representing Ahmednagar district, Sandip Adole is an all-rounder (LHB/LAM), and Shripad Nimbalkar is a right-hand batsman (RHB)


In Aryans, we have Vaibhav Chowghule, an all-rounder (RHB/RAM), and Akshya Kalokhe, a LAS player; Roshan Waghsare is a chinaman bowler; Sudhanshu Gundeti is an RHB player,

COM: –

Suraj Shinde is a wicket-keeper (W/K) representing COM.

DVCA(Dilip Vengsarkar Cricket Academy) : –

Moving to DVCA, Om Bhosale is a left-hand batsman (LHB), and Vinay Patil is a right-hand batsman (RHB). Vyankatesh Kane represents Jalna as an off-spinner, while Siddhesh Warghante plays for Kings as a right-hand batsman (RHB). 

Poona Club: –

Poona Club features Aqib Shaikh as a wicket-keeper (W/K), Shubham Kothari as a LAS player, Pranay Singh as a left-arm fast bowler, Prashant Singh as a left-arm fast bowler, Omkar Akhade is a LAS player.

Sangli: –

In Sangli, we have Prashant Kore, an all-rounder (LHB/LAS). 

Satara: –

Sahil Autade is a wicket-keeper (W/K) from Satara.

Solapur: –

Representing Solapur, Nikhil Madas is a right-hand batsman (RHB), and Razek Fallah represents the same club as a left-arm medium (LAM) bowler. 

Hingoli: –

Sunny Pandit is an off-spinner from Hingoli. 


Hrishikesh Motkar is a left-hand batsman (LHB) representing Sportsman.

Ormanabad: –

Ormanabad’s Abhishek Pawar is a wicket-keeper (W/K).

CMA: –

Ranchit Chaughule is a fast bowler, while Siddhant Doshi is a left-hand batsman (LHB), Vidya Tiwari is a left-arm fast bowler, Tanay Sanghavi, is an all-rounder (LHB/RAM)

Recreation: –

Shubham Nagawade is a wicket-keeper (W/K) from Recreation. 

Star: –

Atish Varpe is a right-hand batsman (RHB) representing Star.

Parbhani: –

Jaideep Bharate is a fast bowler, and Omkar Mohite is a LAS player  

Cadence: –

Izzan Sayyed is a fast bowler, Akshay Waikar is a LAS player, Yatin Mangwani is a right-arm medium (RAM) bowler, and Razek Fallah is a left-arm medium (LAM) bowler, Atharva Dharmadhikari is a left-hand batsman (LHB), Akshay Waikar is a LAS player, Yatin Mangwani is a right-arm medium (RAM) bowler, Harshal Kate is an RHB player.

Latur: –

Latur’s Mohsin Saiyed is a left-arm fast bowler, and Vikas Nirfal is an RHB player.

Sindhudurg: –

Prathamesh Gawde is a fast bowler from Sindhudurg.

Aurangabad: –

Swapnil Chavan is an RHB, and Sachin Lavere is an RHB player

Beed: –

Rushikesh Sonavne is a wicket-keeper (W/K) from Beed, 

Deccan: –

Dhiraj Phatangare is an all-rounder (RHB/RAM), and Tushar Shrivastav is an RHB player.

Jalgaon: –

Rishab Karwa is a left-arm fast bowler, Varun Deshpande is a wicket-keeper (W/K), and Tanesh Jain is a right-hand batsman (RHB).

Kolhapur: –

Representing Kolhapur, we have Mahesh Maske as an RHB player and Abhishek Nishad as a LAS player, while Ashish Veer is a fast bowler from the same district, Aniket Nalawade (RHB), Vaibhav Patil (RHB), Kshitij Patil (all-rounder/RHB/Off Spin), Prathmesh Bajari (LAS), and Shreyash Chavan (leg spinner)., Shubham Taiswal is a leg spinner, Manoj Yadav is a fast bowler,  Rohit Kakde as a left-hand batsman (LHB)

Metro: –

Prajwal Ghodke is a wicket-keeper (W/K) from Metro.

Nanded: –

Ubed Khan is an RHB player from Nanded.

Nashik: –

Nashik features Kunal Kothawade, an all-rounder (RHB/Off Spinner), and Pawar Sanap, a left-arm fast bowler. Tejas Pawar is an off-spinner from the same district. 

PBKJCA (Punit Balan Kedar Jadhav Cricket Academy): –

Mehul Patel is an RHB player representing PBKJCA (Punit Balan Kedar Jadhav Cricket Academy). 

PYC (Poona Young Cricketers Hindu Gymkhana): –

Ameya Bhave is an RHB, Aditya Daware is a fast bowler, Piyush Salvi is a fast bowler, and Rohan Damle is an all-rounder (LHB/LAS)

Ratnagiri: –

Usama Parkar is a wicket-keeper (W/K) representing Ratnagiri.

YMCA(Young Men’s Christian Association): –

In YMCA, we have Swaraj Wabale as a leg spinner. 

Zoroastrian: –

Yash Boramani is an all-rounder (RHB/Off Spinner) from Zorastrain, 

These players from different districts and clubs bring their unique skills and talents to the Maharashtra Premier League (MPL), making the tournament a captivating showcase of cricketing excellence.

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