Category C player list for Maharashtra Premier League (MPL)

The upcoming Maharashtra Premier League (MPL) is generating significant excitement among cricket fans as the highly anticipated tournament draws near. MPL has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts not only in Maharashtra but also beyond its borders. With a record franchise fee of 57.80 crores, the MPL has set high stakes and promises a bright future for the league.

One of the key factors adding to the tournament’s allure is the presence of icon-category players, including international cricketers and seasoned Ranji Trophy players. With renowned names like Kedar Jadhav, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi, and others, the MPL guarantees to offer top-notch cricketing action that will captivate fans.

Now, let’s delve into the complete player list of Category C players who will join Category B Category B player list for Maharashtra Premier League (MPL) – Pune Post and Category A players A Players list of Maharashtra Premier League – Pune Post, as well as the icon players in showcasing their exceptional skills and talent in the MPL. These cricketers have earned their spot through outstanding performances in domestic cricket and are prepared to leave a lasting impact on this grand stage.

In the Maharashtra Premier League (MPL), players from various clubs and districts across Maharashtra showcase their talents. 


YMCA is represented by Prithviraj Shilamkar stands out as an all-rounder (LHB/RAM). 

Sahara: –

Sahara is represented by Sathak Walke, an impressive all-rounder (LAS/LHB), Rahul Desai is an all-rounder (LHB/LAS), along with Avinash Shinde (off-spinner) and Sagar Hogade (fast bowler)

PBKJCA (Punit Balan Kedar Jadhav Cricket Academy): –

PBKJCA (Punit Balan Kedar Jadhav Cricket Academy) is represented by Kirtiraj Wadekar contributes his batting prowess, while Dhanraj Shinde showcases his skills as an all-rounder (RHB/Fast Bowler), Onkar Khatpe, Siddharth Mhatre, Preetam Patil, and Nihal Tusamad, all valuable right-hand batsmen (RHB), Yash Khaladkar is a LAS player, and Digvijay Jadhav is an all-rounder (RHB/Off-spinner), and Shivam Patel is a valuable fast bowler.

Ahmednagar: –

Ahmednagar is represented by  S. Shahrukh Kadir, an off-spinner, and Ronak Khandelwal, a talented LAS player, Akshan Kazi showcases his all-round abilities (LHB/LAS)

Ambitious: –

Ambitious are represented by Harshal Hadke and Vaibhav Vibhute are right-hand batsmen (RHB) and an off-spinner, respectively, Anish Palesha stands out as a fast bowler, Rohit Hadke is a right-hand batsman (RHB), Sachin Bhosale is a left-hand batsman (LHB).

Aurangabad: –

Aurangabad is represented by Rushikesh Nair, a LAS player, Onkar Gunjal adds his fast bowling, along with Kartik Ballaiya. Shubham Mohite showcases his LAS skills, and Bhushan Navande adds his batting skills.

Aryans: –

Aryans are represented by Yashraj Khade, an impressive right-hand batsman (RHB), and Hari Sawant, a versatile player skilled in both LAS and RHB, Vaibhav Thenge is a fast bowler, Ritesh Tidke’s leg-spinning skills.

Beed: –

Beed is represented by Samarth Kadam, a reliable right-hand batsman (RHB). 

Cadence: –

Cadence is represented by Shubham Kharat’s off-spin bowling skills.

CDA: –

CDA is represented by Samadhan Pangare, a talented left-arm fast bowler. 

CMA: –

CMA is represented by Gaurav Khaire as a skilled right-hand batsman (RHB), while Shirish Desai contributes his LAS skills to the team, Nishant Nagarkar showcases his skills as an all-rounder (RHB/LAS), Rishab Gupta adds his fast bowling skills.

COM: –

COM is represented by Shubham Maid, a valuable LAS player, and Dev D Natu, a reliable right-hand batsman (RHB).

Deccan: –

Deccan is represented by Deepak Dangi, an all-rounder (LHB/LAS), and Ajay Borude, a solid right-hand batsman (RHB), Atman Pore is a left-arm fast bowler, Atharva Wanve is a right-hand batsman (RHB).

Dhule: –

Dhule is represented by Anand, Aniket More, and Prashant Dhole, all skilled right-hand batsmen (RHB). 


DARC is represented by Saurabh Sanklecha, an impressive right-hand batsman (RHB), and Mohit Negi, a skilled wicket-keeper (W/K), Navanath Gore stands out as a fast bowler.


DVCA is represented by Yash Jagdale, a talented right-hand batsman (RHB), Ash Dhoot, a skilled left-hand batsman (LHB), and Om Rajput, an all-rounder (LHB/LAM). 

Hingoli: –

Hingoli is represented by Abhinav Kamble’s LAS skills. Jalgoan features Shubham Sharma, an all-rounder (RHB/Fast Bowler), and Siddesh Deshmukh, a wicket-keeper (W/K), Tanmay Neralkar is a fast bowler.

Jalna: –

Jalna is represented by Aryan Goje, a promising right-hand batsman (RHB), Rameshwar Daud contributes his fast bowling skills.

Kings: –

Kings are represented by Piyush Sohane, a talented right-hand batsman (RHB), and Kunal Thorat, a valuable LAS player. 

Kolhapur: –

Kolhapur is represented by Chetan Narvekar’s right-hand batting skills, and Aditya Khanvilkar is a leg-spinner.

Latur: –

Latur is represented by Saurabh Shevalkar, an impressive right-hand batsman (RHB), and Ashitosh Patil, a skilled LAS player.


MCVS is represented by Nishchay Navale, a talented leg spinner, and Harshit Sethi, a promising leg spinner, Saranch Bhargav is a right-hand batsman (RHB), and Arush Gupta is a right-hand batsman (RHB), Harshit Sethi, a leg-spinner, and Tushar Chate, a right-hand batsman (RHB). Shivam Gupta adds his wicket-keeping skills.

Metro: –

Metro is represented by Adharsh Botara, Yash Tunge, and Vijay Godse, all skilled right-hand batsmen (RHB). Soham Shinde contributes his right-hand batting skills, while Shreeraj Chavan showcases his LAS skills. Akshay Tanpure is a valuable fast bowler.


Nanded is represented by Adharsh Yadav, an LAS player, and Yash Yadav, a reliable left-hand batsman (LHB). 

Nashik: –

Siddharth Nakka is represented by his right-hand batting skills. Saurabh Gadakh, a talented wicket-keeper (W/K), and Tanmay Shirode, an LAS player, also contribute to Nashik’s team. 

Parbhani: –

Parbhani is represented by Ajay Shitole, Shubham Katare, and Bharat Purohit, all solid right-hand batsmen (RHB), Sagar Gaikwad, a skilled wicket-keeper (W/K), and Pruthvi Kand showcases his LAS skills.

Parsi Gymkhana: –

Parsi Gymkhana is represented by Nilay Newskar, a skilled off-spinner, and Saurabh Dodake, an all-rounder (LHB/LAS).


PDCA is represented by Sujit Ubhale, an all-rounder (RHB/Fast Bowler), and Yogesh Chavan, an off-spinner, Ashwin Shukla and Saurabh Devgunde as an all-rounder (RHB/Fast Bowler) and a right-hand batsman (RHB).


PMP is represented by Nilkanth Tanpure and Sachin Taware, both talented LAS players, Sachin Rathod is a right-hand batsman (RHB)

Poona Club: –

Poona Club is represented by Ajinkya Naik, Akilesh Gawale, and Sagar Birdawade, all solid right-hand batsmen (RHB),  Dhanraj Pardeshi is a fast bowler, Amey Mujumdar is a fast bowler, Vishwaraj Shinde showcases his skills as an all-rounder (LHB/LAM)

PYC(Pune Youth Club): –

PYC is represented by Shreyash Walekar, a reliable right-hand batsman (RHB), Sahil Churi showcases his skills as a right-hand batsman.

Raigad: –

Raigad is represented by Pratik Mhatre, an off-spinner, and Nikunj Vithalani, a left-hand batsman (LHB). Harsh Mogaveera is also a left-hand batsman (LHB),, and Sumeet Sonavdekar adds his skills as a fast bowler.

Ratnagiri: –

Ratnagiri is represented by Abhishek Joshi, a left-hand batsman (LHB), and Adnanali Hasan, an LAS player. 

Recreation: –

Recreation is represented by Suhel Shrikhande’s wicket-keeping skills and Manas Kondhare’s right-hand batting abilities. Shreyas Jivane adds his right-hand batting skills, while Adinath Gaikwad showcases his leg-spinning skills. Saurabh Dighe stands out as a fast bowler.

Sangli: –

Sangli is represented by Yogesh Dongre, a talented right-hand batsman (RHB). 

Satara: –

Satara is represented by Akash Jadhav’s fast bowling skills. 

Sindhudurg: –

Sindhudurg’s team includes Nagesh R, a left-hand batsman (LHB), and Nitesh Kale, an LAS player.

Solapur: – 

Solapur is represented by Balkrishna Kashid, a fast bowler, and Krushna Pawar, a right-hand batsman (RHB). Azhar Algur showcases his skills as an all-rounder (RHB/Off-spinner), while Deepak Rajul provides his wicket-keeping skills to the team, Amit Nimbalkar is an all-rounder (RHB/Off-spinner), Nikhil Madas is a right-hand batsman (RHB), Vaishnav Jawade is a wicket-keeper (W/K).

Sportsman: –

Sportsman is represented by Rehan Khan’s fast bowling skills. 

Star: –

Star is represented by Saurabh Darekar, a wicket-keeper (W/K), and Himanshu Agarwal, a right-hand batsman (RHB), along with Shreyash Ghadge, a fast bowler, Rudrank Belsare is a right-hand batsman (RHB)

Unique: –

Unique is represented by Snehal Khamkar, a fast bowler, and Nikhil Kotwal, a right-hand batsman (RHB). 

United: –

United is represented by Abhinav Bhatt, a solid right-hand batsman (RHB), and Harsh Oswal, a right-hand batsman as well, Harshvardhan Tingre and Aditya Rajhans contribute as all-rounders (RHB/Fast Bowlers) 

Vijay: –

Vijay is represented by Yash Dubey, a LAS player, and Yogesh Kare, a left-arm fast bowler. 

Vilas: –

Vilas is represented by Rohit Patil, an all-rounder (LHB/Leg-spinner), and Utkarsh Chaudhary, a right-hand batsman (RHB). 

Zorastrain: –

Zorastrain is represented by Shrikant Kasar LAS, Vivek Isharwal fast bowler, and Shubhankar Hardikar stands out as an all-rounder (RHB/Off-spinner).

Osmanabad: –

Akash Pawar stands out as a right-hand batsman for Osmanabad. 

Baramati: –

Moin Bagwan stands out as a fast bowler for Baramati. 

Virag: –

Ganesh Mahapure showcases his skills in fast bowling, Atish Kumbhar is an all-rounder (RHB/Fast Bowler), and Saish Dige stands out as a LAS player for Virag.

These players from different districts and clubs bring their unique skills to the Maharashtra Premier League (MPL), adding excitement and talent to the competition.

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