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CM Waives Additional Development Charges in PMRDA Areas

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has waived additional development charges in the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) areas. The decision applies retrospectively from July 2018 to April 2023, providing relief to builders and  homeowners.

During the PMRDA’s annual budget meeting, Chief Minister Shinde, who also chairs the authority’s committee, approved the proposal. The waived charges amount to Rs332 crore and were originally associated with the Pune Metro Line 3 project.

In addition to the waiver, the Chief Minister instructed the authorities to consider sector-specific development fees instead of a uniform charge for the current year. This tailored approach aims to promote fairness.

This decision exempts citizens from paying additional development charges mandated by the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act. Similar waivers have been observed in Nagpur and Thane for Metro projects.

The Chief Minister also approved the PMRDA’s budget of Rs1,926 crore for the fiscal year 2023-24. The budget includes transferring 2.5 acres of land for the construction of a memorial and emphasizes submitting a Development Plan (DP) by June 20.

In summary, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s decision to waive additional development charges in the PMRDA areas provides relief to builders and homeowners. The sector-specific approach and budget allocation demonstrate the government’s commitment to targeted growth and development.

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