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CMRS Begins Inspection of Pune Metro’s Elevated Route from Garware College to Ruby Hall Clini

The inspection of the Garware-Ruby Hall stretch of the Pune Metro by the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety is a significant step towards ensuring the safe and reliable operation of this crucial transportation infrastructure.

The Pune Metro project continues to make significant progress as the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) initiates the inspection of the elevated stretch between Garware College and Ruby Hall Clinic. This crucial phase marks an important milestone towards the eventual commercial operation of the seven-station metro route.

Final Stages of Inspection

The technical teams from CMRS have commenced the inspection process for the Garware College to Ruby Hall Clinic Metro route. This elevated section, consisting of seven stations, is now undergoing thorough scrutiny to ensure adherence to safety standards and operational efficiency. Once the CMRS certifies the route, it will pave the way for the commencement of commercial operations in the near future.

Timelines and Progress

According to Maha Metro, the inspections for this stretch are reaching their final stages, with the checks expected to be completed within the next two weeks. The initial team arrived on Friday, and additional teams will follow throughout the week to assess the operational and safety aspects of the Metro rakes. Upon completion of the inspection process, the CMRS will issue the necessary safety certification.

Scrutinizing Key Sections

One of the critical sections of this stretch is the Sangam Bridge, where the metro route intersects the Mutha River and railway tracks. CMRS teams are meticulously examining the curves, gradients, and tracks in this area to ensure seamless integration and safe operations. The technical specifications of the viaduct are also being closely reviewed, with all relevant data being provided to the inspection teams.

Previous Inspections and Pending Certification

In addition to the Garware College to Ruby Hall Clinic stretch, the CMRS has previously inspected the three-station segment from Dapodi to Civil Court last month. The inspection process for this route has been completed, and the final certification is now pending from the CMRS. Once all necessary approvals are obtained, these metro segments will be ready to serve the citizens of Pune, ushering in a new era of efficient and sustainable transportation.

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