Decoding of Copper Plates by Pune’s Bhandarkar Institute Illuminates Life of Ancient Sanskrit Poetess Shilabhattarika.

The Bhandarkar Institute in Pune recently decoded copper plates discovered in South India in the 1990s, shedding light on the life of the ancient Sanskrit poetess, Shilabhattarika. The Brahmi-script inscriptions on the copper plates, sent to the institute for deciphering, provided valuable information about Shilabhattarika's life and works. Shilabhattarika was a celebrated Sanskrit poetess who lived in the 7th century AD, known for her exceptional command of the language and poetic talent. The copper plates shed light on her life, revealing that she was the daughter of a Brahmin scholar and married a prince. They also mention her as a patron of the arts, who supported fellow poets and scholars in her lifetime. The inscriptions provide valuable information about her life, family, and contributions to Sanskrit literature. The discovery of the copper plates highlights the significance of preserving ancient artifacts and documents for future generations. The inscriptions on the plates provide a glimpse into a bygone era, shedding light on the life and works of a celebrated poetess and her contributions to Sanskrit literature. The deciphering of the inscriptions is a crucial step towards understanding and appreciating the rich cultural heritage of ancient India.

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