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Development Authority Allocates ₹207 Crore for Inner Ring Road Land Acquisition in Pune

In a significant development, the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has announced the allocation of ₹ 207 crores for the commencement of land acquisition for the first phase of the proposed 82km inner ring road project. This move aims to enhance connectivity and ease traffic congestion in Pune and its surrounding areas. The inner ring road will span from Solu to Wadgaon Shinde and is poised to become a crucial transportation link in the region.

First Phase Highlights

The first phase of the inner ring road project will encompass a 5km stretch, requiring the acquisition of approximately 28 hectares of land from Solu, Nirgudi, and Wadgaon Shinde villages. The PMRDA has already submitted a proposal to the Pune district collector to initiate the land acquisition process for this phase. The chairman of the authority, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, has approved a budget of ₹14,200 crores for the overall 82km project.

The land acquisition for the first phase will be carried out either through direct purchase or compulsory land acquisition, depending on the circumstances. The PMRDA is committed to exploring all available options to expedite the acquisition process and ensure smooth progress. To facilitate this, a comprehensive survey will be conducted by the land acquisition officer.

Project Scope and Connectivity

The inner ring road project holds immense significance as it will connect key transportation arteries in Pune. In its first phase, the road will link Nagar Road with Mumbai Expressway and Solapur Road while also connecting Solapur Road with Satara Road. This strategic connectivity will not only ease traffic flow but also enhance accessibility and reduce travel time for commuters.

Environmental Considerations

Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, the PMRDA has approached the district collector’s office to identify 47 hectares of land that will be transferred to the forest department in exchange for the forest land required for the inner ring road. This proactive approach underscores the authority’s commitment to preserving and mitigating the impact on the region’s natural resources.

Collaborative Efforts and Road Network Integration

In a coordinated effort to optimize transportation infrastructure in the region, the PMRDA has collaborated with the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). As part of this collaboration, the PMRDA has handed over a 40km stretch of the ring road, extending from Parandwadi in Maval to Solu in Khed to the MSRDC. This integration allows for effective coordination and ensures a seamless road network.

Furthermore, the Pune Municipal Corporation has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to develop the 5.7km Wagholi-Lohgaon-Wadgaon Shinde-Nirgudi stretch of the inner ring road under its jurisdiction. This joint effort will further streamline traffic flow and improve connectivity within Pune.

Enhanced Road Infrastructure

The inner ring road project includes plans for the construction of 15 flyovers, two rail overbridges, and five tunnels. These infrastructure elements are strategically designed to enhance traffic management, reduce bottlenecks, and improve overall road safety. The project’s focus on incorporating various structural components demonstrates the PMRDA’s commitment to creating a modern and efficient transportation network.

The allocation of ₹207 crores by the PMRDA for the land acquisition of the first phase of the inner ring road project marks a significant milestone in the development of Pune’s transportation infrastructure. The inner ring road will not only improve connectivity but also ease traffic congestion, benefiting both commuters and the overall economic growth of the region. With its comprehensive planning, collaborative efforts, and focus on sustainable development, the PMRDA is poised to create a transformative transportation network that will serve Pune’s present and future needs.

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