Discover the Best Maharashtrian Food in Mumbai: A Guide by Foodies

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis of India, is home to a large population of Maharashtrians who have kept their culinary traditions alive. While finding authentic Maharashtrian food in Mumbai can be a challenge, a handful of eateries are doing it right. In this guide, we've rounded up the best Maharashtrian food in Mumbai, as recommended by the city's foodies.

Aaswad, Dadar: For Zunka Bhakar Thali
Aaswad is a popular eatery in Dadar that has been serving Maharashtrian vegetarian food for decades. The zunka bhakar thali is their signature dish, which is a humble farmer’s meal that has won the hearts of food critics and enthusiasts alike. The food writer Colleen Sen was smitten by it when she visited the place. Apart from the thali, Aaswad also serves breakfast items like poha, thalipeeth, and puri-bhaji, which are worth trying. In summers, don’t miss their kairi panhe to beat the heat, and in December and January, they have a Dhundur Mas thali—a traditional winter breakfast featuring warm ingredients like sesame, jaggery, and ghee.

Postman Vada Pav, Bhoiwada and Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra, Dadar: For Sabudana Vadas and Kothimbir Vadis
Most Maharashtrian restaurants in Mumbai tend to have everything else along with Maharashtrian food. However, Postman Vada Pav in Bhoiwada and Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra in Dadar are exceptions. Postman Vada Pav, located inside the compound of a dilapidated grey government chawl at the main Bhoiwada signal in Parel, is a small no-name place that serves delicious vada pav. The owner’s mother used to run it and they were known as Postman Vada Pav—not because there’s a postman colony, but because she fried the vadas only in Postman oil, which used to be the most expensive oil back in the day. Her son runs the place now and the vadas are still gorgeous. Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra is another great option for authentic Maharashtrian food. Their sabudana vadas, kothimbir vadis, and kharwas for dessert are all worth trying.

Sujata Upahar Griha, Girgaum: For Simple, Satisfying Staples
Sujata Upahar Griha, also known as B Tambe, is a Girgaum institution that mainly serves snacks but also has a ‘special thali’ that includes simple, satisfying staples like varan, aamti, bhaji, usal, and farsan. They also have drinks like karvand sarbat and kokum saar. The taste here is exactly like that in a Maharashtrian household, and the recipes have stayed consistent for years.

Ladu Samrat, Parel: For Dahi Missal and Kothimbir Vadi
If you’re looking for delicious Maharashtrian snacks in Mumbai, Ladu Samrat in Parel is a must-visit. Their dahi missal and kothimbir vadi are crowd favorites that have been enjoyed for decades. For more missal and extra rassa, you can head to Mamledar Misal in Thane West, which is also a great option.

Mama Kane, Dadar: For Upvas Snacks and Thalipeeth
Mama Kane, Dadar: For Upvas Snacks and Thalipeeth
Located right outside Dadar station, Mama Kane is a popular eatery that serves delicious upvas snacks and thalipeeth. The sabudana vada, sabudana khichdi, misal pav, and batata vada are all must-tries. The taste here is exactly like that of home-cooked Maharashtrian food, and the recipes have remained consistent over the years.

Panshikar, Girgaum: For Authentic Maharashtrian Dishes
Panshikar, located in the heart of Mumbai in Girgaum, has a large Maharashtrian population. This eatery serves a range of authentic Maharashtrian dishes, including farali misal, sabudana vada, and thalipeeth. During Ganesh Chaturthi, they offer a wide variety of modaks, including those made with mawa, kesar, pista, kaju, and chocolate, along with the plain ukadiche modak.

Mumbai may struggle with good Maharashtrian eateries, but there are still some great options available. From Aaswad’s zunka bhakar thali to Mama Kane’s upvas snacks, these eateries have won the hearts of food critics and enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for authentic Maharashtrian food in Mumbai, you won’t be disappointed with the options available. Overall, these eateries offer a great variety of Maharashtrian dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these eateries are worth a visit to experience the rich and flavorful cuisine of Maharashtra.

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