Diving Into The Maruti Baleno Price Range in Pune – An In-Depth Exploration

As we drive into 2023, we've seen how Pune's automotive market has been bustling with activity. Among the crowd, the Maruti Baleno has become a topic of considerable interest. But, what's the on-road price of this top-rated vehicle in Pune? Let's zoom in on the specifics.

The Maruti Baleno Sigma (Petrol): A Smart Choice for Economy and Style
Begin your journey with the base model of Maruti Baleno, the Sigma (Petrol). Priced at ₹6.61 Lakh ex-showroom, this model brings a neat combination of affordability and Maruti’s trusted performance. With a Road Tax (RTO) of ₹74,164 and Insurance cost of ₹32,376, the on-road price comes to ₹7.68 Lakh. Is there a better way to start your Baleno journey? At a reasonable EMI of ₹15,142/month, the Sigma makes quite the case.

The Maruti Baleno Delta (Petrol): Next Step in Sophistication
Ready for an upgrade? The Delta (Petrol) model could be your perfect match. Priced at ₹7.45 Lakh ex-showroom, the Delta’s on-road price totals ₹8.64 Lakh, factoring in ₹83,589 RTO and ₹34,413 Insurance. With an EMI of ₹16,979/month, the Delta is an affordable step up from the Sigma. Automated Comfort with the Maruti Baleno Delta AMT (Petrol) For those seeking an effortless drive, the Delta AMT (Petrol) provides an automatic transmission without compromising on performance. With an ex-showroom price of ₹8.00 Lakh and an on-road price of ₹9.26 Lakh, this model offers smooth cruising at an EMI of ₹18,173/month.

Experiencing Excellence with the Maruti Baleno Zeta (Petrol)
The Zeta (Petrol) variant stands out with an ex-showroom price of ₹8.38 Lakh, making the on-road price ₹9.69 Lakh. With an EMI of ₹19,015/month, this model is for those who value top-of-the-line features.

Maruti Baleno Alpha (Petrol): The Top Seller
The Alpha (Petrol), Maruti Baleno’s top-selling model, shines with an ex-showroom price of ₹9.33 Lakh. On the road, it costs ₹10.77 Lakh, a reasonable price for a star performer.

The Maruti Baleno Alpha AMT (Petrol): Top Model Luxury
Exquisite and automated, the Alpha AMT (Petrol) is the top model of Maruti Baleno. This luxury vehicle comes with an ex-showroom price of ₹9.88 Lakh and an on-road price of ₹11.40 Lakh.

Maruti Baleno CNG: Eco-Friendly, Economical Choice
Fancy an eco-friendly drive? Maruti Baleno offers CNG models like the Delta and Zeta CNG. The Delta CNG (Base Model) costs ₹9.34 Lakh on-road, and the Zeta CNG (Top Model) comes at ₹10.36 Lakh on-road.

In conclusion, the Maruti Baleno range in Pune offers an impressive lineup from ₹7.68 Lakh to ₹11.40 Lakh. With these on-road prices and options, Baleno offers the perfect balance between price, looks and urban commutability.

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