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Enhancing Public Transport Services in Pune: PMPML’s Drive for Effective Change

As the positive changes take root, commuters can look forward to a more reliable, efficient, and enjoyable journey aboard PMPML buses.

In a determined effort to revamp the functioning of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML), the newly appointed Chairman and Managing Director, Sachindra Pratap Singh, has implemented a series of significant changes. These measures aim to address the persistent issues faced by commuters and elevate the overall quality of public transportation services in Pune. By cancelling the Saturday leave for all Heads of Departments (HoDs), delegating them the responsibility of overseeing specific depots, and encouraging regular interactions with passengers, PMPML is taking a proactive approach to improve its operations.

A Closer Look at the Reforms

1. HoDs Empowered and Engaged

Under the new directive, HoDs have been entrusted with the critical task of supervising designated depots. This initiative ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by each depot and encourages prompt resolution of issues. By visiting their respective depots on Saturdays, HoDs can actively engage with depot managers and staff, fostering a direct line of communication and streamlining decision-making processes.

2. Enhancing Passenger Experience

Recognizing the significance of passenger feedback, PMPML officials are now regularly visiting different bus stops to interact with commuters. This approach provides invaluable insights into the concerns and preferences of the people who rely on public transport services. By actively listening to passengers and addressing their grievances, PMPML is taking concrete steps towards creating a more passenger-centric transportation system.

3. Addressing Key Complaints

To ensure a seamless travel experience, PMPML has proactively focused on resolving the most frequently reported issues. Some of the common complaints voiced by commuters include:

  • Frequent Air Conditioner Malfunctions: PMPML has acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the air conditioners in electric buses frequently switching off. The CMD personally took action during his trip on the Aland-Hadapsar route by speaking with students, passengers, drivers, and conductors. Strict instructions were issued to prevent non-functional air conditioners from being deployed, ensuring a comfortable environment for passengers.
  • Irregular Bus Services: PMPML is actively working towards improving the punctuality and frequency of bus services. By leveraging data-driven insights and optimizing operational strategies, the aim is to reduce waiting times and enhance the overall reliability of the transportation network.
  • Inadequate Stop Coverage: PMPML acknowledges the significance of proper shelters and accessible stops for passengers. Efforts are being made to identify areas with inadequate infrastructure and swiftly address the issue by providing suitable amenities, ensuring the comfort and convenience of commuters.

4. Encouraging Transparency and Accountability

By fostering direct interaction between senior officials and passengers, PMPML aims to promote transparency and accountability within the organization. Commuters appreciate the recent initiatives and emphasize the need for sustained efforts in this regard. Pranjit Kande, a regular PMPML commuter, expresses his support for the reforms, stating, “All senior transport body officials should travel to the office in buses so they become aware of the problems faced by passengers. After identifying problems, there should be honest efforts to resolve them.”

The Way Forward

PMPML’s commitment to enhancing public transport services in Pune is evident through the recent reforms. By empowering HoDs, actively engaging with passengers, and addressing key complaints, PMPML is working towards providing a reliable, efficient, and passenger-centric transportation system. As these measures take effect, passengers can expect a tangible improvement in their daily commuting experience.

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