Experiential Travel Guide, Taste Atlas: Indian Restaurants You Will Love

In a recent report, Taste Atlas, an online guide to traditional food experiences, showcased the globe's top culinary destinations. Taste Atlas features authentic recipes, reviews of food critics, and articles about popular ingredients as it continues to celebrate Indian cuisine.

July 11, 2023: From their recently completed research, seven Indian restaurants have made the cut, of which four were highlighted in our July 1 article.

The following restaurants earned their places at #39, #87, and #112 by preserving tradition and providing unforgettable dining experiences.

Mavali Tiffin Rooms: Providing South Indian Cuisine Since 1924 – Taste Atlas Ranking #39

Mavali Tiffin Rooms (MTR) has charmed Bengaluru’s taste buds for nearly a century with its signature masala dosas. The eatery, known as Brahmin Coffee Club, opened on Lalbagh Fort Road in 1924. It was renamed Mavali Tiffin Rooms in 1951 after the neighbourhood in which it was located.

MTR is filled with a symphony of flavours in the early morning hours. Indulge in the steamy, soft rava idlis, piping hot masala dosas generously filled with a hearty potato palya and fluffy pooris accompanied by a delightful potato gravy and chutney. Kesari baths are wonderfully scented with pineapple and cloves. Their unlimited lunch thalis are a must-try. The renowned filter coffee at this café is a must-try—don’t leave without tasting it.

Karim’s: A Historic Gastronomic Journey in Delhi – Taste Atlas Ranking #87

Located near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, Karim’s has captivated food enthusiasts with its rich culinary heritage since 1913. It began with aloo gosht (mutton with potatoes) and dal with rumali roti. Founded by Haji Karimuddin, it was named Karim to reflect God’s abundance and generosity in Islam.

Karim’s is known for outstanding kebabs, including shockingly tender seekh kebabs.Several delicious dishes are on the menu, including tandoori bhara, mutton korma, mutton stew, chicken Mughlai, and chicken Jahangiri. Among the vegetarian options are palak paneer, dal makhana, and shahi paneer.

Ram Ashraya: A Culinary Haven in Mumbai – Taste Atla Ranking # 112

In Mumbai, Ram Ashraya has been serving idlis and filter coffee since its inception over 80 years ago by Shyambabu Shetty.

A humble eatery like this holds a special place in Mumbai’s history, reflecting the journey of immigrants who contributed to the city’s development.

At Ram Ashraya, you will find the essence of South Indian cuisine on the menu, which contains idli sambar, upma, and dosa. You can also enjoy the bisi bele bath, a flavorful blend of rice, lentils, and vegetables, and the tangy puliyogare, a rice preparation infused with tamarind. Despite the simple ambience and blackboard specials, Ram Ashraya’s food is incredibly affordable and bursting with flavour.

These restaurants serve as a tribute to their respective regions’ rich flavours and culinary traditions—Mavali Tiffin Rooms, Karim’s, and Ram Ashraya. Whether in Bengaluru, Delhi, or Mumbai, you shouldn’t miss these iconic eateries.

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