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FDA Raids Adulterated Milk Production Racket in Pune

The FDA raid on Food Centre is a great move to crack down on adulteration in the food industry. It is important to ensure that consumers have access to safe and nutritious food, and the FDA is playing a vital role in protecting public health.

Major crackdown leads to seizure of ₹10.73 lakh worth of adulterated food

In a major crackdown on adulteration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) flying squad raided a factory in Pirangut, Pune, on Wednesday evening and seized material worth ₹10.73 lakh. The raid was conducted following complaints about the manufacturing and sale of adulterated milk products, including ice cream, at Food Centre.

Adulterated skim milk powder, ice cream, vegetable oil, and palmolive oil seized

The FDA officials seized adulterated skim milk powder, ice cream, vegetable oil, and Palmolive oil worth ₹10.73 lakh. Two tonnes of adulterated ice cream were also confiscated and disposed of as it was unfit for consumption.

The FDA authorities ordered the closure of Food Centre as it was violating business and FDA rules and regulations. Sweets, snacks, sauces, and spices produced from the adulterated material were also being sold in the market, said officials.

FDA officials warn of health risks

FDA assistant commissioner Narayan Sarkate said that the adulterated products posed a serious health risk and were meant to be sold in Pirangut, Ghotawade Phata, Bhukum, Bhugaon, and other areas. The seized goods were destroyed to prevent their further distribution and any health related issues to the consumers.

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