Get Ready for a Spicy Musical Entertainment as Penn Masala Takes the Stage in Pune

Get ready for an unforgettable musical extravaganza as Penn Masala takes the stage at Phoenix MarketCity in Pune this Saturday. The renowned acapella group, formed by South Asian students at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, has become a powerhouse in the music industry. With notable performances for former US president Barack Obama at the White House and appearances in the Hollywood film ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, Penn Masala has captured hearts worldwide.

Their latest album, ‘Midnight Oil’, released in 2022, showcases their talent with tracks like ‘Ragas of Malhar’ and a captivating mashup of ‘I Don’t Care’ with the Tamil hit ‘Kadhaippoma’. Now, as part of their Homecoming Tour in six cities, Penn Masala is ready to enthral the audience in Pune with an extraordinary musical experience.

Each set in their performance carries a unique theme and mood, carefully curated to engage and entertain the crowd. According to Prateek Adurty, the music director, the first set serves as an introduction to Penn Masala’s acapella style, opening with the electrifying rendition of ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. The second set showcases the group’s vocal prowess, evoking a range of emotions. And the final set is a high-energy party that aims to get the audience on their feet, enjoying every moment.

For Raghu Raman, the group’s president, being part of Penn Masala has been a dream come true. As a devoted fan even before joining the group, he cherishes the opportunity to contribute to its legacy. Adurty, on the other hand, reflects on his Western music background and the honor of representing Indian-American kids across the US through their unique fusion of Indian and Western music.

During the concert, Penn Masala will perform a mix of cover songs and original compositions, showcasing their versatility and creativity. This will be their first-ever performance in India, and they have tailored their setlist to include more Hindi songs like ‘Mitwa’ and ‘Ghanan’. Raman expresses their focus on Hindi music while also striving to feature their original content, highlighting the essence of Penn Masala’s artistic identity.

Gaurish Gaur, the business manager, acknowledges the immense support received from Pune, which has shown tremendous enthusiasm for the group. Recognizing the city’s young and vibrant audience, Gaur believes that Pune is the perfect destination for Penn Masala to share their music and connect with fans. The group is eager to showcase their energy and talent, aiming to provide a remarkable experience that resonates with the audience.

Prepare to be captivated as Penn Masala brings their unique blend of music to Pune, delivering a mesmerizing performance that will leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

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