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Giripremi mountaineers scale new heights, breaking records

Pune-based adventure club Giripremi scaled two mountains in India and created records. The two mountains are Mt Meru and Mt Sudarshan, both located in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand.

On a cold and windy day in September 2023, three record-breaking mountaineering teams gathered in Pune, India, to be felicitated by the Pune Mountaineering Association. The teams had all achieved incredible feats, each one breaking new ground in mountaineering history.

Mt Meru

On September 2, the Giripremi team became the first Indian group to climb Mt. Meru South, a 6,660-meter tall mountain. The team was led by Umesh Zirpe, a veteran mountaineer and expedition leader
The team also included Ganesh More, Vivek Shivade, Varun Bhagwat, Mingma Sherpa, Vinod Gusain, Bihari Rana and Ajit Singh.

Mt Sudarshan

On September 6, an all-women team scaled Mt Sudarshan peak at 6529 mts. The team was led by Smita Kariwadekar. The team also included Purva Shinde, Padmaja Dhanavi, Sneha Gude, Sneha Talwatkar, and Akhil Katkar

Fellow mountaineers felicitate the teams

The teams were felicitated by PCube Enterprises Managing Director Parth Chaudhari, Sanskriti School’s founder and Director Dr Girija Shankar Mungli, Shivshrushti Project founder Jagdish Kadam, Giripremi founder-President Ushaprabha Page, Giripremi founder-member Anand Palande and Giripremi president Jayant Tulpule. They were also felicitated by Giripremi’s Kangchenjunga summiteer Dr Sumit Mandale and Everest summiteer Bhushan Harshe.

The two successful climbs are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Giripremi teams. They have set a new benchmark for mountaineering in India. The club is planning more missions in the near future

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