Hospitalization of Three FTII Students on Hunger Strike

Three students from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) have been hospitalized as their health worsened during an ongoing hunger strike. The strike, which has entered its fifth day, has been organized by students demanding the reinstatement of a 2020 batch student who was suspended due to low attendance and the backlog of subjects.

One of the students, Ashwin AK, a second-year student from the editing department hailing from Kerala, was admitted to Sahyadri Hospital in Deccan Gymkhana on Friday. Later, it was reported that the health condition of two more protesting students had also deteriorated.

Ashwin exhibited symptoms of severe dehydration and weakness after vomiting in the morning. However, his condition stabilized by late afternoon.

In addition to the three hospitalized students, Varsha Dasgupta, a student from the camera department, joined the hunger strike. The protesting students claimed that the administration has not visited them, and they vowed to continue the agitation alongside the four students currently on hunger strike. The administration has scheduled an Academic Council meeting for May 30.

The students’ demands include the reinstatement of the suspended student from the 2020 batch without discriminatory conditions and his accommodation through remedial measures recommended for the other four students. They also call for the semester to start from the beginning for the 2020 batch after the strike ends, elimination of exclusions based on attendance issues, the formation of a CBCS review committee to assess the drafting and implementation of CBCS in FTII, withdrawal of the proctor notice issued to the 2020 batch, the establishment of an SC/ST cell within the institute, the institution of a Students’ Grievance Body following UGC guidelines, and the creation of a Mental Health Cell on campus.

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