How to Report Cyber Crime: A Comprehensive Guide by Pimpri Chinchwad Police

Pune, 31st May 2023 – The Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate is actively working towards empowering residents with the knowledge and tools to effectively report cybercrimes. To assist the community in this endeavor, the PCMC has recently released an extensive set of guidelines titled ‘How to Report Cyber Crime.’ These guidelines aim to provide detailed steps and options for reporting cybercrimes, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all residents.

Multiple Avenues for Reporting

The PCMC has introduced various channels through which individuals can report cybercrime incidents. This comprehensive approach allows victims to choose the method that suits them best. Here are the available reporting options:

1. Portal Reporting

One of the most convenient methods is through the official cybercrime portal at www.cybercrime.gov.in. Victims can file their complaints online using the user-friendly interface provided on the portal. This platform enables individuals to submit detailed accounts of the crime, including relevant screenshots, making it easier for law enforcement to understand and investigate the case.

2. Email Reporting

For those who prefer written communication, an alternative option is to send an email to [email protected]. In the email, victims should provide a comprehensive description of the cybercrime incident, along with any supporting evidence such as screenshots or documents. It is crucial to include accurate contact information to facilitate further communication between the victim and the authorities.

3. Walk-In Reporting

In situations where face-to-face interaction is preferred, individuals can visit the Cyber Cell located on the 2nd Floor of the Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate in Premlok Park, Chinchwad, MH 411033. The dedicated staff at the Cyber Cell is trained to handle cybercrime complaints and assist victims in the reporting process.

4. Telephone Reporting

Another direct method to report cybercrimes is by contacting the PCMC police’s Cyber Cell at 02027350939. This helpline enables victims to file their complaints over the phone and seek immediate assistance from the authorities. Trained professionals are available to guide victims through the reporting procedure and offer support.

5. Local Police Station Reporting

Residents also have the option to visit any of the 18 police stations located across PCMC to register a complaint regarding cyber fraud. By approaching their nearest police station, victims can engage with local law enforcement officers, who will ensure that their complaints are properly recorded and appropriate action is taken.


In the digital age, cybercrimes have become increasingly prevalent, and it is essential for individuals to know how to report such incidents effectively. The Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate’s guidelines on ‘How to Report Cyber Crime’ serve as a valuable resource for residents, empowering them to take action against cybercriminals.

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