Illegal Hoardings in PCMC – Five dead in one and half month

The recent incident of an illegal hoarding collapse in PCMC has once again highlighted the negligence of authorities and the risks associated with unregulated structures in public spaces. On April 17th, in the Punawala area of Pimpri-Chinchwad, a poorly constructed hoarding collapsed, tragically claiming the lives of five innocent individuals. This unfortunate incident occurred just three days after another hoarding collapse in Hinjewadi on May 30th, where several people were injured. These incidents raise serious questions about the accountability of the authorities responsible for the approval and safety audits of hoardings in the city.

The recurring hoarding accidents have cast doubt on the efficacy of the ongoing crackdown on unauthorized hoardings initiated by the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). The opposition party, Indian National Congress, has accused the corporation of turning a blind eye to the large number of illegal hoardings scattered throughout the city. It is evident that the safety and well-being of the citizens are being compromised due to the lack of proper oversight and enforcement.

The collapse of the hoarding has not only resulted in tragic loss of life but also highlighted the need for a thorough structural audit of authorized hoardings. It is imperative that the concerned department of the municipal corporation takes immediate action to investigate the structural integrity of all approved hoardings and ensure their compliance with safety regulations. Additionally, strict action should be taken against those responsible for approving and monitoring these structures.

The citizens of Pune are growing increasingly concerned about the rampant proliferation of illegal hoardings, which pose a significant threat to public safety. While the PCMC has taken some steps to address the issue, it is evident that their efforts thus far have been insufficient. The time has come for the authorities to take decisive action to dismantle all unauthorized hoardings and enforce strict regulations to prevent further accidents.

It is essential to hold the authorities accountable for their inaction in dealing with illegal hoardings. The responsible department and officials must be held liable for any lapses in the approval and monitoring process. The lack of swift action following the recent hoarding collapses is a matter of serious concern, and the citizens demand answers.

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