In-Depth Look at Maruti Ertiga’s Pricing in Pune for 2023

Embrace the ultimate guide to Maruti Ertiga's costs in Pune, comprehensively covering every detail of its on-road pricing. You'll get the full rundown on all prices, right from the ex-showroom base model costs to the RTO and insurance charges.

A Deep Dive into Maruti Ertiga’s Base Model Cost
Maruti Ertiga’s Lxi (O) Petrol variant, which serves as the base model, is priced at ₹8.64 Lakh ex-showroom. Additional charges, including the RTO fee of ₹95,040 and insurance cost of ₹44,552, bring the on-road price to a total of ₹10,03,592. How about monthly installments? Well, with an EMI of ₹19,109 per month, owning this versatile vehicle is a reality for many families. The best offers are available this month, so now is the perfect time to act!

Exploring the Popular Vxi (O) Petrol Model
Next on our list is the crowd-favorite, the Vxi (O) Petrol model. This top-selling variant has an ex-showroom price of ₹9.78 Lakh. Couple that with RTO charges of ₹1,07,580 and insurance costs of ₹48,747, and the total on-road price in Pune comes to ₹11,34,327. Manageable EMIs of ₹21,599 per month makes this car an excellent choice for those seeking the perfect balance of comfort and affordability.

Zxi (O) Petrol Model – The Blend of Luxury and Performance
The Zxi (O) Petrol model, priced at ₹10.88 Lakh ex-showroom, brings together luxury and performance. Add in the RTO charges of ₹1,30,560, insurance costs of ₹52,796, and other charges of ₹10,880, the total on-road price sits at a comfortable ₹12,82,236. Monthly installments are set at ₹24,410, ensuring this model remains within reach for car enthusiasts.

VXi AT Petrol – The Automatic Game Changer
The VXi AT Petrol variant of the Maruti Ertiga steps up the game with an ex-showroom price of ₹11,28,000. Adding RTO charges of ₹1,35,360, insurance costs of ₹54,268, and other fees of ₹11,280, the cumulative on-road price stands at ₹13,28,908. With an EMI of ₹25,291 per month, the convenience of an automatic transmission is but a step away.
ZXI Plus Petrol – The Premium Pick
Maruti Ertiga’s ZXI Plus Petrol model, the premium offering, comes with an ex-showroom price of ₹1,158,000. Once RTO charges of ₹1,38,960, insurance costs of ₹55,372, and other fees of ₹11,580 are factored in, the final on-road price totals to ₹13,63,912. Expect monthly installments of ₹25,968, a reasonable amount for this top-of-the-line variant.

CNG Models – Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective
For the environmentally conscious, Maruti Ertiga also offers CNG models. The base VXi (O) CNG model costs ₹10,73,000 ex-showroom. Once you add the RTO charges of ₹85,840, insurance costs of ₹52,244, and other charges of ₹10,730, the total on-road price in Pune is ₹12,21,814. The EMI for this model stands at ₹23,259 per month.

The top ZXI (O) CNG model is priced at ₹11,83,000 ex-showroom. Add in the RTO fee of ₹94,640, insurance of ₹56,292, and other costs of ₹11,830, and you get a final on-road price of ₹13,45,762. With an EMI of ₹25,606 per month, this is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

Maruti Ertiga is a robust and reliable car that offers a variant for every kind of buyer, from the budget-conscious to the luxury seeker, and for those prioritizing the environment. With various models and multiple payment options, your dream of owning a Maruti Ertiga in Pune is more feasible than ever. So why wait? Explore the best offers for May 2023 and hit the road in your new Ertiga!

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