In-depth Review: 2023 Maruti Celerio Pricing and Features in Pune

Maruti Suzuki, India's automotive titan, continues to delight auto enthusiasts with its upgraded 2023 Celerio model. If you're from Pune, there's an abundance of information here about each variant of this beloved hatchback. Keep reading for comprehensive details on prices, specifications, and the best offers in town.

Unveiling the 2023 Maruti Celerio
The Maruti Celerio 2023 price in Pune commences at an enticing ₹5.37 Lakh. This figure includes the ex-showroom price, registration tax (RTO), and insurance costs. Let’s delve into the price details of each model.

Base Model: LXI (Petrol)
The starting point of the Celerio lineup is the LXI model, priced at ₹5,36,500 (ex-showroom). The additional expenses include an RTO charge of ₹59,015 and an insurance fee of ₹26,701. After summing these costs, the total on-road price is ₹6,22,216 in Pune. Monthly installments are estimated at ₹11,847.

Next Step Up: VXI (Petrol)
The VXI model, a step up from LXI, is priced at ₹5,83,500 (ex-showroom). Additional costs include ₹64,185 for RTO and ₹28,348 for insurance. With these additional charges, the final on-road price in Pune is ₹6,76,033 with an estimated EMI of ₹12,859.

Mid-range Star: ZXI (Petrol)
The mid-range ZXI model carries an ex-showroom price of ₹6,11,500, with ₹67,265 for RTO and ₹29,330 for insurance. Adding these up, you get an on-road price of ₹7,08,095 in Pune. Monthly EMI for this model is approximately ₹13,473.

Top Seller: ZXI Plus (Petrol)
Among the top-selling models, the ZXI Plus is a popular choice, costing ₹6,59,500 (ex-showroom). The RTO fee is ₹72,545 and insurance amounts to ₹31,012. The total on-road price comes to ₹7,63,057 with an EMI of ₹14,530 per month.

Top Model: ZXI Plus AMT (Petrol)
The top model in this range, the ZXI Plus AMT, is tagged at ₹7,14,500 (ex-showroom). RTO costs ₹78,595 and insurance is ₹32,940. Thus, the total on-road price in Pune is ₹8,26,035, and the estimated monthly EMI is ₹15,714.

Eco-friendly Option: VXI CNG (Base Model)
Finally, for eco-conscious buyers, there’s the VXI CNG model priced at ₹6,73,500 (ex-showroom). This version also carries RTO charges of ₹47,145 and insurance of ₹31,503. Consequently, the total on-road price for this model is ₹7,52,148, with an estimated EMI of ₹14,320.

Final Thoughts
The Maruti Celerio 2023 has been beautifully designed to accommodate a range of budgets. Each model carries a unique set of features, and the choice boils down to personal preference and individual needs. Whether you opt for the base LXI model or the top-tier ZXI Plus AMT, rest assured, the 2023 Maruti Celerio offers value for every rupee spent. So why wait? Make the most of the best offers this month and drive home in your dream car today!

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