Is GoGoanime Banned in India? Exploring the Impact of Pirated Anime Websites

Piracy of films and anime has long been a pressing issue faced by numerous production companies. In India, Disney Enterprises recently approached the Delhi High Court to address the problem of pirated domains streaming their high-quality animation content illegally1. As a result, the court took a decisive step towards resolving this issue by banning several anime websites, including the popular GoGoanime2.

The Plea by Disney Enterprises
Disney Enterprises submitted a list of 118 pirated domains to the Delhi High Court, which were found to be streaming animation content illegally2. The websites on this list not only pirated Disney’s high-quality content but also featured updated databases, offering the latest series and releases from Japan2.

The Anime Sites Blocked in India
Following the acceptance of Disney’s plea, the Delhi High Court blacklisted several websites involved in piracy, including YourBitTorrent2, Nyaa.si, Kissanime, Kisscartoon, Gogoanime, 9anime, Horriblesubs, and many others2. This move was aimed at curbing the unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content and protecting the creative industry.

The Global Impact of Anime Piracy
The decision by the Delhi High Court aligns with the earlier announcement made by Japan, which implemented a blanket ban on leech websites like GoGoanime, known for pirating anime and negatively impacting the creative industry2. The court acknowledged that the plaintiffs, representing animation creators and distributors in the US, hold copyrights to their creative works, which have been infringed upon for years, resulting in significant financial losses2.

The Next Step
With the Delhi High Court’s decision, it is now imperative for Indian Internet Service Providers to include these banned domains in their filtering systems2. This step aims to prevent users from accessing pirated content and reinforces the protection of intellectual property rights. The court emphasized the losses incurred by companies producing high-quality creative works due to piracy2.
In conclusion, the Delhi High Court’s ban on anime websites, including GoGoanime, marks a significant move towards combating piracy and safeguarding the interests of production companies and creators. This decision aligns with Japan’s efforts to address anime piracy, emphasizing the need to protect the rights of content creators worldwide.

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