It’s a Century of Flavours at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Gourmands will discover a hidden treasure in Mumbai's labyrinthine lanes, where past and present coexist. Located on Mohammad Ali Road, the Noor Mohammadi Hotel has been tempting palates for 99 years.

July 19, 2023: Sanjay Dutt created a special Chicken recipe for this legendary restaurant, which has become a magnet for gourmets. In the third and fourth generations of the Hakim family, they serve various dishes that are timeless. Discover the rich history of Noor Mohammadi Hotel and learn the secret behind its renowned recipes.

Quality, taste, and hospitality are what set Noor Mohammadi Hotel apart. Its culinary secrets and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. The restaurant’s success lies in its mouth-watering menu and an ability to create authentic Mughlai setting. The Hakim family continues to innovate as the Noor Mohammadi Hotel celebrates its 100th anniversary.

History of Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Founded in the mid-1920s by Abdul Kaim, a skilled cook and visionary entrepreneur, Noor Mohammadi Hotel was passionate about exhibiting the richness of Mughlai cuisine. Over time, it gained recognition for its authentic and flavorful dishes, gaining popularity among locals. The restaurant’s reputation soared with introduction of its signature dish, “Nalli Nihari,” a slow-cooked stew that became synonymous with Noor Mohammadi’s name. This culinary gem has since become synonymous with Mumbai, attracting a diverse clientele eager to experience its renowned cuisine.

The Sanjay Dutt Connection: A Recipe for Success

An unexpected culinary gift changed Noor Mohammadi Hotel’s fate in 1986. During an appearance on an entertainment show, Indian actor Sanjay Dutt shared his favourite chicken recipe with the Hakim brothers. Sanju Baba Chicken became an integral part of the brothers’ menu after they were impressed by the dish. The collaboration between Dutt and the Noor Mohammadi Hotel contributed to the restaurant’s unique identity.

The Irresistible Specialties

The Noor Mohammadi Hotel offers a variety of delicious dishes that have made it known as a culinary paradise. Mutton Haleem, Dal Gosht, Chicken Shami Kebab, Mutton Paya, and Nalli Nihari are some must-try specialities. As each dish tells a story, the dining experience is infused with a sense of tradition and history.

A Legacy Carved in Time: Noor Mohammadi’s Evolution

Noor Mohammadi Hotel’s journey began in the mid-1920s when Haji Mohammed Yaseen established the eatery in Mumbai’s bustling Bhendi Bazaar. The restaurant started modestly but quickly gained recognition for its authentic and flavorful Mughlai cuisine. With the introduction of “Nalli Nihari,” Noor Mohammadi’s status as a household name was elevated among locals. Under the Yaseen family’s stewardship, Noor Mohammadi Hotel continued to flourish, preserving its culinary traditions and maintaining its reputation for serving delectable Mughlai cuisine.

Preserving Quality and Tradition

In Mumbai’s rich culinary landscape, Noor Mohammadi Hotel has earned a place for quality, taste, and hospitality. The restaurant has a century-long history of excellence in serving exceptional food. This milestone is a testament to the restaurant’s enduring popularity and loyal patrons’ support.

Looking Ahead: Celebrating the Century

The Noor Mohammadi Hotel is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary in grand style. By offering the famous Chicken Sanju Baba for free for 12 hours, the Hakim family aims to create an unforgettable experience for patrons, much like they did when Sanjay Dutt was released from jail. Currently, the main restaurant is undergoing renovation, promising a refreshed ambience. The Noor Mohammadi outlets in Dubai and Kurla offer closer alternatives to those seeking their signature fare.

Noor Mohammadi Hotel: A Culinary Ecosystem

Amidst Mumbai’s bustling chaos and vibrant energy, the Noor Mohammadi Hotel thrives. Food takes centre stage here, bringing together a diverse community to enjoy authentic flavours. It remains a steadfast symbol of tradition, taste, and the essence of Mumbai. While Mumbai is a city that never ceases to evolve, Noor Mohammadi Hotel preserves the rich heritage of Mughlai cuisine.

In Noor Mohammadi Hotel, you can experience a culinary journey through time, whether a Mumbaikar or an avid eater. Mumbai’s diverse culinary scene is renowned for blending flavours, history, and tradition.
Even as the Noor Mohammadi Hotel doors remain open, Mumbai’s culinary treasures live on in its restaurant. The flavours have stood the test of time, inviting patrons to savour the heritage of Mughlai cuisine through their senses.

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