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Land Acquisition Issues: Katraj – Kondhwa Road Trimmed Down To 50 Metres

Pune, June 6, 203: Due to land acquisition issues, Katraj - Kondhwa road was reduced by 34 metres from its original width of 84 metres. The road now stands 50 metres wide. According to Vikas Dhakane, additional commissioner of PMC, "Funds have been made available for land acquisition by the state government. The state government has approved funds worth Rs. 200 crores to build a 50 metres road. According to government aid, the road was finalised based on the land that could be acquired. As for the 84 metres road, it would have cost the PMC around Rs. 380 crores to build.

The road goes through Rajsa Society to Khadi Machine Chowk to the newly merged Pisoli. The PMC has spent around Rs. 48 crore on the project until now.

The work has been initiated in parts where the PMC possesses the land. About 40% work has been executed so far. However, the PMC has yet to get possesion of another 40% of the land. The authorities said that talks are on with landowners, and various compensation options are being explored.

The civic administration needs around 2.88 lakh sq. metres of land, of which 1.60 sq. metres is in the possesionof the PMC, while 1.28 lakh sq.. metres of land is yet to be acquired.

The civic administration has proposed several options, such as transfer of development rights (TDR) and floor space index (FSI), for acquiring land with little response. A senior PMC official said, “Most landowners are demanding cash compensation. Consequently, the civic administration has no choice but to reduce the width of the road”.

“The road should have been completed by now. The ruling party leaders at that time had pressed for a wider road as they had a vested interest in tenders, so the entire project got stalled. Now that the decision to reduce the width has been made, the road-building work should begin as soon as possible,” said Dattatreya Dhankawade, former mayor. Vasant More, a former local corporator, said that other infrastructure projects, like a flyover being planned in Katraj, would also help alleviate traffic problems. “A larger area should be covered by the flyover being constructed near Katraj,” he said.

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