Mangaluru’s Culinary Tapestry: Seafood, Byadgi Chilies, And A Local Delight – The Prawn Ghee Roast

In the region's rich culinary heritage, 'Prawns Ghee Roast' stands out. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the Prawn Ghee Roast. As recently as 50 years ago, prawn Ghee Roast was invented at Shetty Lunch Home, a legendary restaurant in Kundapur, around 90 kilometres from Mangaluru.

July 11, 2023: The recipe is elegantly simple, featuring a handful of carefully chosen ingredients. However, the slow cooking process genuinely transforms this dish into a masterpiece. The Byadgi chillies, soaked overnight and ground into a smooth paste, are cooked with ghee for 5-6 hours. This meticulous technique imparts a silky texture to the masala, elevating it to unparalleled culinary perfection.

Although the masala may appear fiery, it surprises with its mild spiciness. The ghee beautifully tempers the heat of the chillies while accentuating the subtle sour notes that lie within. To further enhance the flavour profile, some restaurants adorn the dish with fried cashews, adding an irresistible crunch and depth to the delightful taste.

Mangaluru’s culinary culture is a tapestry woven with the distinct traditions of its four prominent communities: the Bunt, Goud Saraswat Brahmins, Catholics, and Konkani Muslims. While each community showcases its unique cooking style, one common thread unites them all—the love for seafood. Mangaluru is renowned for its bounty of fresh seafood, which serves as the centrepiece of countless meals and celebrations.

A visit to the famous Woodlands restaurant in the Lalbagh neighbourhood offers a tantalizing glimpse into the cuisine of the Bunt community. As the original inhabitants of this region, the Bunts have carved their place in the local cuisine with a traditional Mangalorean lunch home. Vibrant with bright red upholstery, this establishment boasts a non-vegetarian-centric menu, where seafood reigns supreme. Accompanied by chilled beer, their offerings promise an authentic dining experience that honours the rich culinary traditions of Mangaluru.

In addition to its renowned culinary delights, Mangaluru’s diverse cuisine reflects the region’s rich flavours that delight the senses.

Whether you are an avid seafood enthusiast, an adventurous food lover or simply someone who appreciates exceptional flavours, a journey to Mangaluru would not be complete without savouring the extraordinary sensation of the famous Prawns Ghee Roast.

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