Marzorin: 58 Years of Delicious Treats and Timeless Charm

Within the bustle of M.G. road, popularly known as Camp Pune, where the city's pulse mingles with the aroma of delicious food, Marzorin is located, bringing together tradition and time-honoured recipes.

July 20, 2023: Marzorin, the brainchild of Mr Sheriar Jamshed Sheriyarji, has served delicious food since its establishment in 1965. Situated in a charming colonial building on M.G. Road, Marzorin exudes an old-world charm that appeals to food enthusiasts of every age.

Through the decades: Marzorin’s menu

Over 250 delectable items have been added to the menu since the restaurant began with just a few choices. Initially, Marzorin offered cold coffee, chicken rolls, chutney sandwiches, and mango juices to delight customers. Their in-house bakery has provided patrons with heavenly treats over the years. In today’s menu, Marzorin offers many choices, such as whole wheat, multigrain sandwiches, and refreshing energy drinks. Sandwiches remain a favourite, but the wide range of flavours and options keep customers returning.

Timeless hospitality and enduring love: Marzorin’s loyal fans

A cherished part of Pune’s cultural heritage, Marzorin has become more than just a place to eat. Known for its courteous and efficient staff, Marzorin has built a loyal clientele over the years. Marzorin has become a family tradition, passed down from grandparents to grandchildren through generations. Marzorin’s heartwarming scenes of grandparents and grandchildren sharing wholesome meals create lasting memories that transcend generations.

The Marzorin recipe for success: Quality, affordability, and resilience

Quality, affordability, and taste are the keys to Marzorin’s enduring popularity. Marzorin has maintained its exceptional standards and reasonable prices despite stiff competition, enabling it to serve a diverse customer base. With a dedicated staff that has been with Marzorin for over a decade, consistency and excellence have become synonymous with the restaurant. With Marzorin’s delicious offerings, the flavours remain unchanged over time, proving their commitment to quality.

Experience the taste of timelessness at Marzorin

Marzorin invites you to enter a world of culinary delights that have delighted Pune for five decades. Whether you are a long-time patron or a first-time visitor, Marzorin’s warm hospitality, diverse menu, and rich legacy promise a culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression. Join the celebration of 50 years of Marzorin’s delicious treats and discover why it has become an integral part of Pune’s culinary landscape.

Marzorin Express: Bringing the Marzorin magic closer to you

Marzorin, with its immense popularity, has extended its influence beyond the confines of Pune’s city centre. Due to the growing demand for Marzorin’s tempting creations and loyal customers’ desires, Marzorin Express has expanded into new territories. With branches in Wanowrie and Kharadi, Marzorin spreads its essence to distant corners of the world.

It is more than just a restaurant

Marzorin is a cultural institution deeply rooted in Pune’s culinary tradition. While staying true to its roots, Marzorin has witnessed the city’s changing landscape for the last 58 years. Besides its delicious treats, the restaurant’s timeless charm is found in the memories and experiences it has created for generations of patrons.

There is more to Marzorin than its physical location. Pune’s food scene has been shaped by it, and other restaurants have been inspired by it.
Marzorin, with its colonial charm and warm hospitality, beckons gastronomes to embark on a sensory voyage that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Located at No. 6, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune, Phone: 077220 94983

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