McDonald’s Introduces NTR Jr as Its New Brand Ambassador: A Powerful Collaboration for McSpicy Chicken Sharers

McDonald's India (West and South) has recently announced an exciting partnership with the renowned actor NTR Jr, who has taken on the role of the brand ambassador for their signature McSpicy Fried Chicken range. This collaboration aims to reinforce McDonald's leadership position in the competitive fried chicken market and elevate the appeal of their McSpicy Chicken offerings. With the introduction of the #DontExplainJustShare theme, McDonald's and NTR Jr have come together to emphasize the joy of sharing delicious food with loved ones and friends.

Unveiling the McSpicy Chicken Sharers

In a move that revolutionizes the concept of fried chicken sharing, McDonald’s has unveiled the all-new “McSpicy Chicken Sharers.” These sharing buckets offer a reimagined experience of the classic McSpicy Fried Chicken range. The brand film for this campaign, crafted by DDB Mudra, showcases the essence of the #DontExplainJustShare theme through NTR Jr’s charismatic presence and his distinctive cheeky style.

The Joy of Just Sharing

The core proposition behind the McSpicy Chicken Sharers is the notion of “just sharing.” McDonald’s believes that the lip-smacking flavours of their McSpicy Chicken should be enjoyed by everyone. The TV commercial beautifully captures this idea as NTR Jr tinkers with the moon to keep the store open throughout the night, enabling him to order and share McSpicy chicken with his friends. Another scene depicts him effortlessly taking down a thug while simultaneously indulging in and sharing the irresistible McSpicy Fried Chicken.

NTR Jr Joins the McDonald’s India Family

McDonald’s India (West and South) expressed their excitement about welcoming NTR Jr into the McDonald’s India family as their brand ambassador. They believe that his incredible on-screen presence, charismatic personality, and relatability among the youth and families perfectly complement their vibrant brand and the new McSpicy Chicken Sharers campaign. With NTR Jr’s involvement, McDonald’s aims to captivate their fans and highlight the joy of sharing the delectable McSpicy Fried Chicken with friends and family.

NTR Jr himself expressed his happiness at becoming the brand ambassador for McSpicy Chicken Sharers. He recognizes McDonald’s as an iconic brand that resonates with millions of people worldwide. His belief in collaboration and sharing aligns perfectly with the spirit of the McSpicy Chicken Sharers campaign, which emphasizes the importance of sharing and celebrating togetherness.

The Creative Vision Behind the Campaign

DDB, the creative agency behind the campaign, acknowledges NTR Jr as an iconic figure who has transformed the perception of Indian cinema. The collaboration between NTR Jr and McDonald’s marks a significant milestone in changing how consumers perceive fried chicken. The objective was to ensure that NTR Jr’s distinctive style shines through in the communication, creating a lasting impact on the audience.

McSpicy Chicken Sharers: A Delight for South India

Customers in South India can now indulge in the delectable McSpicy Chicken Sharers and treat their loved ones to an extraordinary dining experience. The signature crispy and flavorfully marinated bone-in chicken in the McSpicy Chicken Sharers bucket embodies McDonald’s commitment to providing real food made from high-quality ingredients. The chicken contains no artificial colors, flavours, or added MSG, aligning with McDonald’s belief in offering “Real Food, Real Good.”

The McSpicy Chicken Sharers are available at McDonald’s India restaurants in South India for dine-in and drive-thru. Customers can also conveniently order through the McDelivery® app for delivery, takeaway, and on-the-go consumption.

The collaboration between McDonald’s and NTR Jr brings together two powerful entities with the common goal of enhancing the dining experience for customers. With the introduction of the McSpicy Chicken Sharers, McDonald’s aims to create unforgettable moments of togetherness and enjoyment. The #DontExplainJustShare theme encapsulates the essence of this campaign, emphasizing the simple act of sharing delicious food. McDonald’s continues to innovate and delight its customers, and the partnership with NTR Jr is a testament to its commitment to providing unparalleled taste and quality.

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