Miss World 2022 Karolina Bielawska reveals her love for India, Indian food and Bollywood in New Delhi press conference.

Karolina Bielawska, the reigning Miss World 2022, recently spoke in an exclusive interview at the Miss World 2023 press conference held in New Delhi, where it was announced that India would host the 71st edition of the Miss World Final. Karolina will pass on her crown to her successor at the Miss World 2023 Final, tentatively scheduled for November/December 2023.

Wearing a stunning blue gown and a magnificent jewelled crown, Karolina expressed her affection for India, Bollywood, and Indian cuisine. When asked about her dream of working with an Indian actor, she mentioned Priyanka Chopra Jonas, considering her an icon. As for male actors, she expressed her admiration for Shah Rukh Khan and her desire to be a part of Bollywood, fascinated by its vibrancy and passion.

Karolina also revealed her love for spicy Indian food, particularly enjoying naan bread, chicken tikka masala, and butter chicken. She expressed her happiness at indulging in the spicy flavours during her stay in India.

With a month-long visit ahead, Karolina expressed her desire to explore various parts of India. She mentioned her interest in visiting Goa for its beaches, Agra to see the Taj Mahal, the mountains, Manipur to witness nature’s beauty, and cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengal.

Maintaining her fitness as Miss World can be challenging, but Karolina shared that she enjoys various physical activities such as martial arts, boxing, and horse riding. She admitted to being a food lover and having a weakness for chocolates.

Having visited India before, Karolina praised the country’s diverse yet unified spirit. She noted that while India is vibrant and diverse, its people uphold common values of family, love, kindness, and respect, regardless of regional differences.

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