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Open Plot Near Green County Society Turns Into Haven For Anti-Social Elements

The open plot and empty RCC structure near Green County Phase 1 in Fursungi have turned into a hotbed of unruly behaviour, causing distress among the residents. Drunkards and Drug Addicts Create Menace, and Residents Left in Distress

Pune, July 22, 2023: Youths gathering at the site engage in alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and reckless activities, leading to frequent quarrels and fights. Despite numerous complaints, the authorities have taken no action, leaving the residents exasperated and fearful.

A daily nuisance: alcohol, drugs, and lawlessness

A recurring scene of youths engaging in harmful behavior shatters the surroundings of Green County Phase 1. Alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and the smashing of glass bottles have become routine occurrences, causing immense inconvenience to the residents. The abandoned RCC structure on the plot serves as a hub for minors, who openly engage in inappropriate activities, further exacerbating the law and order problem.

Uncontrolled criminal activity, helpless residents

Despite lodging complaints with the relevant authorities and the landowner, the residents feel helpless as the problem persists. The rowdy behaviour of local goons adds to the sense of fear and insecurity among the society members. The open plot has become a hotspot for illegal activities, posing a significant risk to the safety and well-being of the residents.

Urgent intervention needed

The residents are deeply troubled by the lack of action to address the issue. Instances of youngsters flaunting weapons and recording reels for social media have added to the residents’ worries. Even minor school students are not spared from engaging in alarming activities in broad daylight. The fear of reprisal from the local goons stifles the society members’ attempts to discuss the matter publicly.

An appeal for assistance from landowner

Vishal Mehta, the owner of the plot, expressed concern over the deteriorating situation and the destruction of the compound he had built for the plot’s safety. He notified the police about the illegal activities but found little relief as the problem resurfaced. While he aspired to develop the land, the pending PMC merger issue has delayed progress. Mehta earnestly requests the police to intervene and resolve the matter promptly.

A sense of impending tragedy

The gravity of the situation weighs heavily on the residents, especially women and families with children. The relentless disturbances from the open plot disrupt their peace, rendering them apprehensive of venturing out, even for a simple evening walk. The constant presence of goons, aged between 18 and 30, openly indulging in illicit activities, including the company of women, fuels anxiety among the residents. The fear of an impending tragedy looms large, urging the police to take immediate and decisive action.

Response of the police and hope for change

Inspector Ravindra Shelke of the Hadapsar police station assures prompt action in response to the residents’ grievances. A patrolling party will be dispatched to curb illegal activities and ensure safety. The police aim to intensify patrolling rounds in the neighbourhood, hoping to create a secure environment and end the menace.

As residents continue to suffer the ordeal caused by the open plot’s transformation into a haven for unruly behaviour, their hopes lie with the authorities to address the situation effectively and restore peace to Green County Phase 1.

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