PCMC: 40,000 Illegal Water Connections

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is set to launch a drive for regularizing 40,000 illegal water connections in the coming weeks. This initiative comes in response to the significant water and revenue losses caused by these unauthorized connections. Shrikant Sawane, the joint city engineer of PCMC, shared insights into the upcoming drive, stating that the corporation would need to procure meters, pipes, and other essential equipment for the regularization process. A tender is expected to be floated next week, with work potentially commencing by the end of this month.

Earlier, PCMC Commissioner Shekhar Singh had announced plans to initiate a similar drive in April, targeting the regularization of illegal water connections. However, no substantial action was taken at the time. One of the challenges faced by PCMC in executing this initiative is the potential high penalties that many individuals might face. To address this concern, Sawane clarified that the corporation would not charge any fees for regularization or equipment. Instead, the charges would be incorporated into future water bills spread across several billing cycles.

In a previous statement made in October, PCMC highlighted its intention to take action against illegal connections, citing issues such as inadequate water supply and water contamination caused by these unauthorized taps. However, the planned action was not carried out, leading to further delays in resolving the problem. Meanwhile, the irrigation department has also called upon citizens and PCMC to exercise judicious water usage, especially as the Pavana reservoir’s capacity stands at approximately 24%. As a result, the civic body may resort to alternate-day water supply to manage the available resources efficiently.

This drive by PCMC to regularize the staggering number of illegal water connections is a significant step towards ensuring a sustainable and reliable water supply system for the Pimpri Chinchwad region. By addressing the issues associated with unauthorized taps, such as water and revenue losses, inadequate supply, and contamination risks, PCMC aims to provide a fair and equitable water distribution system to all residents. Through the regularization process, the corporation aims to streamline water usage, encourage responsible consumption, and enhance the overall efficiency of the water supply infrastructure.

The Need for Regularization

The large number of illegal water connections in the Pimpri Chinchwad region has been a matter of concern for the PCMC for some time. These unauthorized connections pose several challenges, including financial losses and strain on the existing water infrastructure. By undertaking the drive for regularization, PCMC aims to rectify these issues and establish a robust framework for managing water distribution effectively.

Procurement of Equipment and Tender Process

To facilitate the regularization process, PCMC will initiate a tender to procure the necessary equipment, including meters, pipes, and other essential components. The tender is scheduled to be floated next week, marking an important milestone in the drive. The corporation aims to acquire the required resources promptly to ensure a smooth and efficient execution of the regularization process.

Addressing Financial Challenges

One of the key obstacles faced in the regularization process is the potential financial burden imposed on individuals with illegal water connections. To alleviate this concern, PCMC has decided not to charge any fees for the regularization process or the equipment required. Instead, the charges will be gradually recovered through water bills spread over several billing cycles, thereby easing the financial impact on residents.

Unresolved Delay and Future Action

Although PCMC had previously announced plans to tackle illegal water connections starting in January, no significant action was taken to address the issue. This delay in implementation has only prolonged the challenges faced by the corporation and the community at large. However, the forthcoming drive signifies PCMC’s renewed commitment to resolving the problem and ensuring a more effective water distribution system.

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