PCMC: Biker Vinil Kharge’s Epic Journey Of 6,012 Kilometers In 66 Hours And 24 Minutes

Vinil Kharge's inspiring journey of covering 6,012 kilometers in a mere 66 hours and 24 minutes stands as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.

Vinil Kharge, a bike enthusiast from Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, has achieved the impossible. Riding his trusty motorcycle, Vinil smashed records by covering an astonishing distance of 6,012 kilometers in an incredible 66 hours and 24 minutes. This remarkable feat has left the world in awe and has firmly established Vinil as a true pioneer in the world of long-distance biking. In this article, we delve into the details of Vinil Kharge’s extraordinary journey, exploring the challenges he faced, the route he took, and the mindset that propelled him to greatness.

The journey begins: A triumph of spirit

Vinil Kharge’s monumental journey commenced on a crisp morning in Pune, as the first rays of sunlight painted the horizon. With his heart pounding with excitement, Vinil embarked on an adventure that would push the boundaries of human endurance. Armed with his unwavering determination and a well-prepared motorcycle, he set his sights on conquering a challenge that had eluded many.

The Route: A pathway to greatness

Vinil Kharge carefully charted his course to optimize both speed and safety, ensuring a journey that would challenge him while also showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of the Indian subcontinent.

According to the Records, let’s take a closer look at Vinil’s epic journey:

Vinil Kharge Received a Certificate for the “FASTEST GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL SOLO MOTORCYCLE ROUND TRIP EXPEDITION BY AN INDIVIDUAL”. The record for being the fastest to complete a Golden Quadrilateral solo motorcycle round trip expedition was set by Vinil Ambadas Kharge (born on October 6, 1984) of Pune, Maharashtra. He started his solo round trip motorcycle expedition from Chinchwad (Pune) on May 30, 2023 at 9:38 am, travelled 6012 kilometres in 66 hours and 24 minutes through Bengaluru-Chennai-Kolkata- Kanpur-New Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai and completed his expedition 4:02 am in Pune on June 2, 2023, as confirmed on June 22, 2023.

Overcoming challenges: The heart of a champion

Vinil Kharge’s record-breaking feat was not without its share of challenges. Battling against fatigue, extreme weather conditions, and the ever-present specter of doubt, Vinil displayed unwavering resilience and an unbreakable spirit. The unyielding support of his team, who ensured his safety and provided the necessary logistical support, proved to be an invaluable asset throughout the arduous journey.

A legacy of adventure: Inspiring generations

Vinil Kharge’s extraordinary achievement transcends the realm of mere records. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring adventurers and enthusiasts across the globe. His unwavering pursuit of passion, combined with meticulous planning and an indomitable spirit, sets a new benchmark for those who dare to dream. Vinil’s triumph is a testament to the human potential for greatness and the boundless possibilities that await those who are willing to push beyond their limits.


This remarkable achievement, etched in the annals of adventure, showcases the power of determination, skill, and an unwavering love for the open road. Vinil’s story will undoubtedly resonate with generations to come, reminding us all that boundaries exist only to be pushed, and dreams are meant to be chased. As we celebrate this extraordinary feat, let us draw inspiration from Vinil Kharge’s remarkable journey and embark on our own quests for greatness.

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