PCMC Efforts to Increase Storage Capacity of Ravet Dam

Ravet Dam, located on the Pavana River, is facing a significant decrease in storage capacity due to the accumulation of large amounts of silt over the years therefore PCMC is working on how can they increase the capacity of the dam.

Responding to the concerns raised by the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), the Irrigation Department conducted a survey of the dam. The Water Supply Department has informed that the municipality will undertake the task of breaking the rocks in the dam to enhance its storage capacity.

The residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad have been relying on water supply from the Pavana Dam in Maval. However, for several years now, water has been sourced from Ravet Dam, treated at the Municipal Authority’s Water Purification Center, and then distributed to the citizens. Unfortunately, a significant amount of silt accompanies the water in the Ravet Dam, leading to a gradual reduction in its storage capacity.

Shrikant Sawane, Associate City Engineer of the Water Supply Department, stated, “Considering this issue, the PCMC followed up with the Irrigation Department, prompting them to conduct a survey of the dam. Subsequently, the PCMC recently provided a deposit of Rs 10 lakh to the Irrigation Department for conducting soil tests in the dam area.”
The soil testing will be carried out in the coming days, following which the Municipal Corporation plans to proceed with rock-breaking activities to increase the dam’s storage capacity, Sawane added.

While the Municipal Corporation continues to draw water from the Ravet Dam, contaminated water from certain villages is being discharged directly into the Pavana River. As a result, the impure water needs to be pumped, purified, and then supplied to the residents for consumption.

In light of this situation, the Municipal Corporation has demanded the construction of Kolhapur-style dams in the Shivane and Gahunje areas, where clean water sources are available. Following the request made to the Irrigation Department, the tender process for the construction of these two dams has also commenced.

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