PCMC: Failure to Act Against Unauthorized Hoardings Leads to Show Cause Notices for License Inspectors

In a recent development, two license inspectors from the Sky Signs and Licensing Department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), Rajesh Bandal and Subhash Malekar, have come under scrutiny for their failure to take action against unauthorized hoardings despite explicit orders. Additional Commissioner Jitendra Wagh has served them show cause notices, questioning their negligence and reminding them of their responsibilities.

Background and Incident

The incident that triggered these actions dates back to April when an illegal iron billboard collapsed in Kiwale, resulting in a tragic loss of five lives. This unfortunate event compelled Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh to order a comprehensive survey of all unauthorized billboards in the city. The survey revealed the presence of 92 new illegal billboards that were violating the regulations and endangering public safety.

Directive to Take Action

In response to the survey findings, Commissioner Singh promptly issued a directive to address the unauthorized billboards. The directive not only covered the newly discovered billboards but also encompassed pending court cases where structural stability reports had not been submitted to the Municipal Corporation. The aim was to ensure the safety of the citizens by taking immediate action against these unauthorized structures.

Negligence of License Inspectors

Despite clear instructions and the urgency of the situation, license inspectors Rajesh Bandal and Subhash Malekar failed to carry out the necessary actions against the unauthorized billboards. Their inaction not only compromised public safety but also undermined the authority of the Municipal Corporation. As a result, Additional Commissioner Jitendra Wagh has served them show cause notices, seeking an explanation for their failure to fulfill their duties.

Immediate Measures and Discipline

To ensure the proper functioning of the licensing department, Assistant Commissioner Nilesh Deshmukh has directed license inspector Rajendra Chaudhary, who was on medical leave, to report to work immediately. This step aims to address the manpower shortage caused by Chaudhary’s absence and to prevent further delays in taking action against unauthorized billboards.

Furthermore, the show cause notices served to Rajesh Bandal and Subhash Malekar highlight the seriousness of their negligence. They are now subject to potential disciplinary measures, as the Municipal Corporation seeks to hold them accountable for their failure to enforce the regulations and ensure public safety.

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