Pimpri Chinchwad Claims Second Spot in Governance Category at India Smart Cities Project Awards

Pimpri Chinchwad's outstanding achievement in clinching the second place in the Governance category at the India Smart Cities Project Awards is a testament to the city's commitment to progressive urban governance.

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has clinched the coveted second place award in the governance category at the esteemed India Smart Cities Project Awards. The recognition comes as a feather in the cap for the Smart Sarathi App, an innovative creation by PCMC that has truly redefined urban administration and management.

A victory of innovation and urban transformation

The backdrop of this achievement traces back to the initiation of the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) on June 25, 2015. This mission has stood as a beacon of urban evolution, striving to reshape the cityscape through strategic infrastructure enhancements, championing sustainability, and enriching the lives of citizens through ingenious “smart solutions.”

The mission’s progress has been nothing short of astounding, with a remarkable completion rate of 76% for the proposed projects valued at a staggering 1,10,635 crore INR. This accomplishment encompasses 6,041 successful projects that have been concluded to date. Simultaneously, an additional 60,095 projects, valued at 1.095 crore INR, are well on their path to fruition by June 30, 2024.

Integrated command and control centers: Catalysts of transformation

A noteworthy leap in the mission’s journey is the establishment of Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCCs) across 100 Smart Cities. These centers serve as nerve centers for urban operations, harnessing technology to orchestrate seamless city management. This endeavor has yielded substantial enhancements across urban services, ranging from crime monitoring, citizen safety, and transportation management to waste disposal, water supply, and disaster response.

India smart cities award: Celebrating urban excellence

The India Smart Cities Award (ISAC), a pivotal element of the Smart Cities Mission, is a platform to celebrate and acknowledge city strategies, projects, and concepts that drive sustainable urban development within the ambit of the 100 smart cities initiative. This initiative is instrumental in facilitating knowledge exchange, propelling the dissemination of best practices, and commemorating excellence.

The genesis of ISAC dates back to its launch in 2018, followed by subsequent editions in 2019 and 2020. The fourth edition of this prestigious award was unveiled in April 2022 at the ‘Smart Cities-Smart Urbanization’ event in Surat.

A triumph in governance

Under the category of Governance, Pimpri Chinchwad’s accomplishment takes center stage as it secures the well-deserved second place. This recognition is a testament to the city’s unwavering dedication to ushering in innovative governance practices that have tangibly improved the lives of its residents.

In the same vein, Chandigarh has secured the first place, Jabalpur the third, and Udaipur the fourth. Each of these cities has exhibited remarkable prowess in governance, underscoring the transformational power of innovative urban management.

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