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PMC to Transform Waste into Hydrogen Gas using Plasma Gasification Technology

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken a significant step towards sustainable waste management by opting to adopt the groundbreaking plasma gasification technology developed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). This innovative technology aims to convert trash into hydrogen gas, offering a promising solution to address the growing waste management challenges faced by the city.

Converting Waste into Renewable Energy
Under this ambitious project, PMC has partnered with Green Billions Limited to establish the plasma gasification plant in Ramtekadi, Hadapsar. The project’s primary objective is to generate 350 metric tonnes of hydrogen gas from garbage by April 2024. To achieve this target, the plant will utilize 50 metric tonnes of biofertilizers to produce nine metric tonnes of hydrogen gas.

A Sustainable Approach to Energy Production
The Indian government has recognized the importance of sustainable energy production and reducing reliance on imported natural gas and petroleum products. By producing hydrogen gas from waste in an environmentally friendly manner, PMC’s initiative aligns with the country’s broader goals of achieving energy independence and reducing carbon emissions.

The PMC’s decision to adopt plasma gasification technology is a significant stride towards sustainable waste management and energy generation. Not only will this project contribute to the production of clean energy, but it will also serve as a revenue-generating endeavor for the corporation.

Environmental Benefits and Waste Diversion
Through this innovative project, more than 23.8 million metric tonnes of waste will be diverted from landfills, significantly reducing the strain on existing waste management infrastructure. Additionally, approximately 2.5 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent will be saved by preventing the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

To ensure efficient waste management, the waste processed at “The Green Billions facility” in Pune will be carefully sorted into biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and residential waste categories, utilizing advanced sensor technology. This meticulous segregation process will aid in achieving the objective of proper garbage treatment in Pune while maximizing the potential for resource recovery and recycling.

PMC’s adoption of plasma gasification technology marks a crucial milestone in the city’s efforts to combat waste management challenges and promote sustainable energy generation. By converting waste into hydrogen gas, PMC not only contributes to the country’s energy goals but also paves the way for a cleaner and greener future. This groundbreaking project demonstrates the municipality’s commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores the potential of innovative technologies to transform waste management practices.

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