Power Outages Scheduled for Bhosari and Dighi

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has informed the residents of Bhosari, Dighi, and nearby areas about scheduled power outages that will occur every Thursday. These planned outages are essential to facilitate crucial electricity feeder work and other maintenance activities conducted by MSETCL. Today, another round of power outage is set to take place and is expected to continue until 2 pm. Residents and businesses situated in Dighi, Bhosari, and the surrounding localities should anticipate being affected during this timeframe.

Weekly Power Outages and MIDC Area Off Day

To ensure minimal disruption to commercial operations, MSEDCL has implemented a weekly off for the MIDC area in Bhosari, scheduled every Thursday. This decision aims to keep commercial activities unaffected and unhampered by the power outages, enabling businesses to plan their operations accordingly.

Lack of Prior Notice and Inconvenience Faced by Residents

Despite the regularity of these scheduled power outages, several residents in the affected areas have expressed their frustration with the lack of prior notice or communication from MSEDCL. Ravi Patil, a resident, shared his disappointment, stating that neither he nor his neighbors received any notification regarding the planned outages. This lack of information caused significant inconvenience, especially for those who work from home due to circumstances like the recent fire incidents in Viman Nagar.

Ravi Patil had made arrangements with a backup power supply, which could only sustain for a maximum of four hours. Unfortunately, this limitation significantly impacted his ability to continue working effectively during the power outages. Similarly, Rahul Dolare, a resident of Dighi, expressed his concerns about the impact of the power outages on his work-from-home situation and Sunday classes. With the outages occurring on Thursdays, Rahul found it impractical to take leave on that day, as it did not address the issue of electricity disruption during his scheduled Sunday classes.

Improving Communication and Mitigating Inconvenience

To address the grievances of the affected residents and businesses, it is crucial for MSEDCL to improve their communication regarding scheduled power outages. Timely notifications and updates would allow individuals to make necessary arrangements, such as backup power sources or adjusting their work schedules to minimize inconvenience.

In addition, MSEDCL should consider providing alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of these outages on critical services and essential activities. This could include exploring options for temporary power supply or coordinating with relevant stakeholders to find suitable alternatives during the designated power outage periods.

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