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Pune Implements Staggered Water Supply System for Kharadi Area

In a bid to address the water supply issues faced by residents of Kharadi, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has introduced a revised water supply schedule for the area. The new system, which will be implemented starting from Saturday, aims to alleviate the hardships caused by the once-a-week water closure on Thursdays, which had resulted in disruptions lasting two to three days.

Concerns Raised by Residents

Former corporators Mahendra Pathare and Bhaiyasaheb Jadhab brought attention to the prolonged restoration period following the Thursday water closure, exacerbating the difficulties faced by residents, especially considering the scorching heat during this time. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the corporators approached the administration to explore alternative solutions that could both enhance the water supply and promote water conservation.

Introducing Staggered Water Closure

Responding to the concerns raised, the water supply department of PMC has devised a staggered water closure plan for different parts of the Kharadi area. This new approach involves dividing the space into segments and assigning specific time slots and days for water closures. Although this may result in an alternate-day water supply to each housing society or establishment in a given segment, officials from the water department ensure that the supply will be adequate and maintain the required pressure.

Evaluating the Effectiveness

The implementation of this revised system aims to test its efficacy in resolving the water supply issues in Kharadi. Mahendra Pathare expressed his optimism, stating, “The population of the area is over one lakh. Residents will now receive alternate-day water supply, but we hope it will be with adequate pressure now.” Bhaiyasaheb Jadhab added, “We will assess the impact of this revised system, and if further improvements are needed, we will approach the civic officials again.”

Ensuring Sustainable Water Management

The introduction of the once-a-week water closure on Thursdays was prompted by concerns about a potentially weak monsoon during the initial stages. By implementing staggered water closures, the PMC aims to strike a balance between addressing immediate water supply issues and conserving water resources in anticipation of a challenging monsoon season.

The Pune Municipal Corporation’s initiative to introduce a staggered water supply system for the Kharadi area demonstrates their commitment to resolving the water supply challenges faced by residents. By implementing this revised schedule, which provides an alternate-day water supply with adequate pressure, the PMC aims to improve the overall water management in the region. The evaluation of this system’s effectiveness will guide further steps to ensure a sustainable water supply for the growing population of Kharadi.

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