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Pune Metro extends service timings till 2 AM on September 29th for Anant Chaturdashi

Pune Metro has extended its service timings till 2am on September 29th, 2023, to facilitate commuters on the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi. The revised timings will be from 6am on September 28th to 2am midnight on September 29th.

This is in addition to the extended service timings that Pune Metro had already announced for Ganeshotsav, from September 22nd to 27th, when trains will run till midnight.

The decision to extend service timings has been taken due to the overwhelming response from passengers during Ganeshotsav. The number of passengers using Pune Metro has increased significantly over the past few days. An average of 4000-5000 passengers are travelling these days and mostly on weekends this number increases.

Pune Metro urges commuters to avail themselves of the extended service timings and travel safely and comfortably.

Ganesh Chaturthi: A time for celebration and community spirit

Ganesh Chaturthi, popularly known as Ganesh Festival, is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in India. It is a ten-day festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom and good beginnings.

Pune is one of the major cities in India where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and fervor. Thousands of Ganesh mandals (community groups) set up pandals (temporary temples) to house the idols of Lord Ganesha. These pandals are decorated with lights, flowers, and other embellishments, and they attract devotees from all over the city and beyond.

Ganesh Chaturthi is also a time for social gatherings and celebrations. People visit each other’s homes and pandals to pay their respects to Lord Ganesha and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Traffic management during Ganesh Chaturthi

However, the large crowds and celebrations associated with Ganesh Chaturthi can also lead to traffic congestion and other challenges in Pune. The city’s traffic police department typically deploys additional personnel and implements special traffic arrangements during the festival period. However, commuters should still expect some delays and inconveniences.

Tips for commuting in Pune during Ganesh Chaturthi

Here are some tips for managing traffic and commuting in Pune during Ganesh Chaturthi:

  • Avoid traveling during peak hours, especially in the vicinity of major Ganesh pandals.
  • Plan your journey in advance and choose alternative routes whenever possible.
  • Use public transportation, such as the Pune Metro, Local buses to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Be patient and understanding as the traffic police work to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic.

Despite the traffic challenges, Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyous occasion that brings people together and celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Pune.

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