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Pune Metro’s Extended Routes Garner 10 Lakh Ridership; Pune One Card Sales Cross 6,000 Mark in 9 Days

The Pune Metro's recent extensions have left an indelible mark on the city's transit landscape, amassing an impressive 10 lakh ridership since August 1. With the Pune One Card's swift popularity, surpassing 6,000 sales in just nine days, Pune's journey towards modernization and convenience is well underway.

The Pune Metro’s recent expansion has marked a significant milestone, with a remarkable ridership of 10 lakh passengers recorded on its newly extended routes since August 1. The sales of the Pune One Card, a versatile travel and payment solution, have surged past the 6,000 mark within a mere span of nine days.

New Horizons Unveiled

In an inspiring journey towards modernizing urban transportation, the Pune Metro’s extended routes have received an overwhelming response from commuters. With its inauguration on August 1, the newly added stretches – from Garware College to Ruby Hall Clinic and Phugewadi to Civil Court – have swiftly become the preferred modes of transit for countless individuals. This surge in ridership, reaching a staggering 10 lakh riders since its launch, underscores the project’s successful expansion and its integration into the city’s fabric.

Prime Ministerial Inauguration and Weekend Concessions

The extended routes of the Pune Metro were inaugurated with great fanfare by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 1, 2023. As a gesture of appreciation to the citizens, the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha-Metro) introduced a 30% fare concession over the weekends. This strategic move not only encouraged more individuals to experience the enhanced public transit system but also contributed to the impressive ridership numbers, with 123,720 passengers recorded on Independence Day alone.

Pune One Card: A Gateway to Convenience

The integration of smart solutions for modern urban living has been further exemplified through the Pune One Card – a versatile tool that not only facilitates seamless metro travel but also serves as a multi-purpose payment card. Following its inauguration by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on August 12, the Pune One Card swiftly gained traction, with over 6,000 cards sold in just a matter of days. While 5,000 passengers were fortunate recipients of complimentary cards, others have opted for the convenience and benefits of the Pune One Card by purchasing it at a cost of ₹150 + 18% tax.

Hemant Sonawane, the Public Relations Officer of Maha-Metro, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The Pune One Card’s utility extends beyond metro travel, empowering users to conduct retail payments across India.”

A Journey Beyond Transit

The success story of the Pune Metro’s extended routes and the rapid adoption of the Pune One Card underscore the city’s thirst for progressive urban solutions. The integration of modern infrastructure and innovative payment solutions not only enhances the quality of daily commutes but also reflects Pune’s commitment to sustainable urban development. As the city embraces these transformative changes, it positions itself as a trailblazer in modern transportation and urban convenience.

In conclusion, this remarkable achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of city officials, commuters, and urban planners, collectively propelling Pune into a future of seamless travel and integrated living.

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