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Pune Petrol Dealers Unanimously Suspend CNG Sales Demanding Trade Margin Arrears

In solidarity, all 42 petrol dealers in the Pune district have jointly decided to halt the sale of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) on Torrent CNG pumps starting August 10, 2023.

Pune, August 3, 2023: The decision comes as they demand the release of long-pending trade margin arrears, amounting to Rs. 7 crores, owed by oil companies and Torrent Gas. The dealers are determined to draw attention to their financial plight and seek a Resolution led by Dhruv Ruparel, President and Working Committee member of the Petrol Dealers Association Pune.

Dealers await release of trade margin arrears

The struggle for unpaid arrears: Speaking to the press, Dhruv Ruparel revealed the long-standing issue faced by petrol dealers who have been waiting to release trade margin arrears for quite some time. Despite their persistent efforts and multiple letters to the concerned authorities, there has been no response, leading to growing financial distress among the dealers.

Calls for resolution unheeded: A previous meeting was held under the leadership of the then Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, Ravindra Chavan, to address this pressing concern. However, to the dismay of the dealers, they have yet to receive the meeting minutes and feel that the concerned stakeholders have blatantly ignored their demands.

Petrol dealers take a bold stand

Compelled to act: While acknowledging the inconvenience to the public, the dealers stressed that the decision was not taken lightly. However, their mounting financial hardships have left them with no other recourse but to take this drastic step. They hope this action will finally grab the attention of the authorities and prompt them to release the outstanding trade margin arrears.

Potential impact on the public: The halt in CNG sales is expected to impact both commuters and businesses that rely on CNG as a clean and affordable fuel option. With the August 10, 2023 deadline, the dealers remain resolute until the trade margin amounts are duly credited to their account statements.

Promoting environmental sustainability

The role of CNG in combating vehicular pollution: The Petrol Dealers Association Pune and Torrent Gas, and other companies are urged to swiftly resolve their differences, as the need to combat carbon monoxide pollution remains critical. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) emerges as an ideal solution to address this challenge, offering a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels used in vehicles.

Primarily composed of methane and stored in high-pressure cylinders, CNG stands as a low-carbon fuel, significantly reducing emissions of harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter compared to gasoline or diesel. As a means of reducing vehicular pollution, it contributes to the fight against climate change and supports sustainable transportation solutions.

Additionally, the suspension of CNG sales by Pune’s petrol dealers has also raised concerns about the potential impact on the transportation sector in the city. As the public and authorities closely monitor the situation, the Petrol Dealers Association Pune vows to fight for fair trade practices and financial stability. Now it’s up to the relevant authorities to resolve the grievances of the dealers and ensure a level playing field in the district’s fuel market.

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