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Pune Police Arrests Drug Dealer and Seizes Narcotics Worth Rs 26 Lakh


The anti-narcotic cell of the Pune Police has apprehended an individual involved in the illicit sale of drugs near the Pune Solapur highway. The suspect, identified as Jitendra Satishkumar Dua, was caught red-handed with a substantial quantity of narcotics, including mephedrone (MD) and hashish. This arrest marks a major blow to the drug trade network operating in the area. The police, acting swiftly on a tip-off, were able to seize drugs worth a total of Rs 26 lakh along with other related paraphernalia. This article delves into the details of the operation and sheds light on the implications of such arrests in combating drug-related crimes.

Uncovering the Drug Trade Network

Following an intelligence tip, police constables Yogesh Mohite and Vishal Shinde, accompanied by senior inspector Vinayak Gaikwad and assistant inspector Shailaja Jankar, launched a targeted operation to apprehend the drug dealer. The suspect, Jitendra Satishkumar Dua, a former employee of an ashram, was found waiting for customers near the Pune-Solapur highway. The police team swiftly moved in and successfully apprehended Dua, who is believed to have transported the drugs from Delhi to Pune for distribution.

Seizure of Narcotics and Related Items

During the operation, the police seized a substantial quantity of narcotics from Dua’s possession. The confiscated drugs included mephedrone (MD) valued at Rs 20 lakh and hashish worth Rs 6 lakh. In addition to the illegal substances, the police also recovered three mobile phones, an electronic weighing device, and a car valued at Rs 10 lakh. The total value of the seized goods amounted to a staggering Rs 36.46 lakh. The authorities suspect that Dua used online platforms and mobile applications to facilitate his drug transactions. These digital channels are currently under investigation to gather more evidence and identify potential accomplices.

Impact of the Arrest

The arrest of Jitendra Satishkumar Dua and the subsequent seizure of a significant quantity of narcotics have dealt a severe blow to the drug trade network operating in the Pune area. The availability and abuse of drugs have a detrimental impact on society, leading to various social, health, and economic problems. By apprehending individuals involved in drug-related activities, law enforcement agencies are working towards curbing the drug menace and safeguarding communities.

Combating Drug Abuse

The arrest of Dua highlights the collective efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat drug abuse and illegal drug trafficking. Initiatives such as intelligence-based operations, increased surveillance, and the use of technology play a crucial role in identifying and apprehending those involved in drug-related crimes. Furthermore, community awareness campaigns, rehabilitation programs, and support systems for drug addicts are essential in addressing the root causes of drug abuse.


The recent arrest of Jitendra Satishkumar Dua by the Pune Police’s anti-narcotic cell has brought to light another successful operation in the fight against drug-related crimes. The seizure of narcotics worth Rs 26 lakh, along with the arrest of the suspect, has dealt a significant blow to the drug trade network in the Pune Solapur highway region.

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