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Pune Police Busts Drug Racket in Lohegaon and Hadapsar: Opium Worth Rs 2 Crores Seized – 3 Arrested

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, the Pune Police's Anti-Narcotics Cell, under the guidance of Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar, executed successful raids in the Lohegaon and Hadapsar areas, leading to the seizure of opium worth a staggering Rs two crores. Three individuals were apprehended concerning the case as part of the operation. This decisive action reflects the city's commitment to combat drug smuggling and maintaining law and order.

Pune, August 4, 2023: This resolute action demonstrates the police force’s commitment to eradicating drug-related crimes and ensuring the safety and well-being of Pune’s residents. The successful operation serves as a stern warning to those engaged in illegal drug activities that the long arm of the law will bring them to justice.

Rahul Kumar Bhuralalji Sahu was arrested with 5.519 kg of opium in Lohegaon

In adherence to the directives set forth by Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar, the Anti-Narcotics Squad of the Crime Branch, they conducted a targeted operation in the Lohegaon area’s Porwal Road, arresting Rahul Kumar Bhuralalji Sahu. The accused, aged 32 and hailing from Mangalwada, Tehsil Dungla in Rajasthan, possessed a substantial quantity of five kilograms and 519 grams of opium. The police acted swiftly and registered a case at the airport (Vimantal) police station to initiate legal proceedings against the accused.

Mohanlal Megaram Bishnoi was arrested with 3.029 kg of opium in the Hadapsar raid

Apprehended with 3.029 kg of Opium Acting on credible intelligence, the police set a trap in Hadapsar’s Fursungi area, leading to Mohanlal Megaram Bishnoi’s arrest. The 24-year-old suspect, a resident of Bagrapur Marwadi, district Badner in Rajasthan, had three kilograms and 29 grams of opium, valued at Rs. 60 lahks. The swift action of the Anti-Narcotics Squad ensured that another significant player in the illegal drug trade was taken off the streets.

The Yerwada Operation – Sonu Sahebrao Kolse was apprehended with 10 kg of ganja

In a separate operation conducted in the Yerwada area, the police successfully arrested Sonu Sahebrao Kolse. The 44-year-old individual, residing in Subhash Colony, Srirampur, possessed 10 kilograms of Ganja, worth approximately two lakh rupees. The police’s diligence in curbing drug-related offences has resulted in another vital arrest, safeguarding the city’s youth and communities.

The menace of drug trafficking: A looming threat to users and society

Drug trafficking poses a grave threat to society, with its harmful effects cascading down to users and communities. The illicit trade not only fuels addiction but also results in increased crime rates and economic burdens. Drug users suffer from deteriorating physical and mental health, risking overdose and death. Families are torn apart, and communities are plagued with violence and instability. Moreover, drug trafficking perpetuates corruption and funds criminal organizations, undermining the very fabric of a law-abiding society.

Policymakers and law enforcement agencies face an arduous task in curbing this menace, requiring a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, rehabilitation, and stringent law enforcement measures. The fight against drug trafficking remains an ongoing battle to safeguard our communities and protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to the devastating consequences of substance abuse.

The Pune Police’s Anti-Narcotics Cell, led by dedicated officers, including Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Karnik, Additional Commissioner of Police Ram Nath Pole, Deputy Commissioner of Police Amol Zende, and Assistant Commissioner of Police Satish Govekar, executed a meticulously planned operation. Their efforts led to arresting three individuals involved in drug trafficking and seizing opium and Ganja worth crores of rupees.

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