Pune to Akkalkot Distance: Exploring the Road Less Traveled

In this article you will find the distance between Pune and Akkalkot also if you are planning to travel this guide will help you enjoy the trip.

Are you an avid traveler looking for an offbeat destination near Pune? Akkalkot is a Divine place of Shri.Swami Samarth Maharaj, a quaint town with a rich historical and cultural heritage, awaits your arrival. In this article, we will take you on a virtual journey from Pune to Akkalkot, covering the distance, transportation options, and all the must-visit attractions along the way. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure!

About Pune and Akkalkot

Before we dive into the details of the distance between Pune and Akkalkot, let’s get acquainted with these two fascinating cities. Pune, also known as the “Oxford of the East,” is a vibrant city located in Maharashtra, India. It is renowned for its educational institutions, historical landmarks, and a thriving IT industry.

On the other hand, Akkalkot is a small town situated in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. Despite its modest size, Akkalkot holds immense spiritual significance as it was the abode of the revered saint Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj. The town attracts devotees from far and wide who come to seek blessings and experience the serenity of this holy place.

Distance between Pune and Akkalkot

The distance between Pune and Akkalkot is approximately 292 kilometers. Traveling this distance can be a delightful experience as it allows you to explore the scenic beauty of the region. There are several transportation options available to cover this distance, including roadways, railways, and even air travel if you prefer a quicker journey.

Road Connectivity

For those who enjoy road trips, traveling from Pune to Akkalkot by car or bus is a fantastic choice. The road connectivity between these two cities is excellent, with well-maintained highways that offer a smooth and comfortable ride. The journey takes approximately 5 to 6 hours, depending on the traffic conditions and the route you choose.

Railway Connectivity

If you prefer train travel, you’ll be pleased to know that Akkalkot Road is the nearest railway station to Akkalkot. Pune and Akkalkot are connected via regular train services, making it a convenient option for travelers. The journey by train takes around 6 to 7 hours, providing ample time to relax and soak in the picturesque landscapes along the way.

Bus Connectivity

Another popular mode of transportation between Pune and Akkalkot is by bus. Several state-run and private bus operators offer regular services on this route. The bus journey usually takes around 6 to 7 hours, providing a comfortable and budget-friendly option for travelers.

Air Connectivity

Although Akkalkot does not have its own airport, Pune and Solapur has excellent air connectivity with major cities in India. Pune International Airport and Solapur Airport serves as the closest airports to Akkalkot, and from there, you can easily hire a taxi or board a bus to reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Akkalkot from Pune is during the winter season, which spans from October to February. The weather during this time is pleasant and suitable for exploring the town’s attractions. It is advisable to avoid visiting during the summer months as the temperatures can soar, making it uncomfortable for sightseeing.

Places to Visit in Akkalkot

Akkalkot is a treasure trove of historical and religious sites. During your visit, make sure to explore the following attractions:

  1. Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple: Pay your respects at the temple dedicated to Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj, the saint who resided in Akkalkot.
  2. Swami Samarth Math: Visit the math (monastery) associated with Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj and experience the spiritual ambience.
  3. Siddheshwar Temple: Marvel at the intricate architecture of Siddheshwar Temple and seek blessings from Lord Shiva.
  4. Akkalkot Rajwada: Step back in time as you visit the royal palace of Akkalkot, which provides a glimpse into the region’s historical past.

Nearest Accommodation Options

When it comes to accommodation, Akkalkot offers a range of options to suit various budgets and preferences. Some popular hotels in Akkalkot include:

  1. Hotel Four Petals Executive by LHMS
  2. Vrundavan Hotel
  3. Shankar Residency Lodging & Bhakt Niwas Akkalkot
  5. Hotel Ajinkyatara

These hotels provide comfortable rooms, excellent service, and proximity to the town’s main attractions, ensuring a pleasant stay for visitors.

Local Cuisine

Exploring a new place is incomplete without savoring its local cuisine. Akkalkot offers a unique culinary experience with its traditional Maharashtrian dishes. Don’t miss out on trying the delectable Upma, Idli, Tandoori roti, Chana masala. These dishes are a true reflection of the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Annachatra is the place in Akkalkot, where people are served to free food facilities. All 365 days a in year. A very big hall 10 to 15 thousands of people eat this Mahaprasad Unlimited food free of cost.

Safety Tips

While traveling to Akkalkot, it is important to keep a few safety tips in mind:

  1. Carry necessary identification documents and keep them secure.
  2. Be cautious of your surroundings and avoid venturing into isolated areas alone, especially at night.
  3. Stay hydrated and carry a first aid kit with essential medications.
  4. Respect the local customs and traditions, especially while visiting religious sites.
  5. Use reliable transportation options and avoid unauthorized taxis or vehicles.

By following these safety measures, you can ensure a hassle-free and memorable journey to Akkalkot.

Cultural Significance

Akkalkot is not only a religious destination but also a center of cultural significance. The town’s history is intertwined with the life and teachings of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the saint’s spiritual wisdom and teachings, which continue to inspire millions of people to this day.

Famous Festivals

Akkalkot celebrates various festivals with great fervor and enthusiasm. Some of the prominent festivals celebrated here include:

  1. Shri Swami Samarth Pragat din
  2. Shri Swami Samarth Punyatithi
  3. Guru Purnima
  4. Shri Datta Jayanti 
  5. Gangapur Yatra

These festivals offer a unique glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Akkalkot and provide an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local traditions.


In conclusion, the distance between Pune and Akkalkot may not be vast, but the journey is filled with numerous opportunities to explore and experience the beauty of Maharashtra. Akkalkot’s historical and cultural significance, coupled with its serene ambiance, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway. So, pack your bags, embark on this memorable journey, and immerse yourself in the spiritual and historical wonders of Akkalkot.


  1. Q: How far is Akkalkot from Pune?
    • A: Akkalkot is approximately 292 kilometers away from Pune.
  2. Q: What are the transportation options to travel from Pune to Akkalkot?
    • A: You can choose from roadways, railways, or air travel to reach Akkalkot from Pune.
  3. Q: Which is the nearest airport to Akkalkot?
    • A: The nearest airport to Akkalkot is Solapur Airport & Pune International Airport is the second most nearest option.
  4. Q: What are the popular attractions to visit in Akkalkot?
    • A: Some popular attractions in Akkalkot include the Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple, Swami Samarth Math, Siddheshwar Temple, and Akkalkot Rajwada.
  5. Q: When is the best time to visit Akkalkot from Pune?
    • A: The winter season, from October to February, is the best time to visit Akkalkot from Pune.

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