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Pune to Amravati Distance: An Informative Guide

Traveling from Pune to Amravati offers an opportunity to experience the diversity of Maharashtra.

When planning a trip from Pune to Amravati, understanding the distance and the travel options available can significantly influence your experience. If you’re a tourist eager to explore Amravati’s attractions or a resident traveling back home, this article will serve as a comprehensive guide to make your journey smooth and memorable.

Pune vs Amravati

Pune: Often hailed as the “Oxford of the East”, Pune is Maharashtra’s cultural and educational hub. With its rich Maratha history, vibrant nightlife, and a pleasant climate, the city attracts both national and international visitors.

Amravati: Located in the northeastern part of Maharashtra, Amravati is renowned for its temples and cultural heritage. This city, with its tranquil atmosphere and historical landmarks, stands as a contrast to the bustling energy of Pune.

Distance between Pune and Amravati

The distance between Pune and Amravati, by road, is approximately 490 to 530 kilometers, depending on the route you choose. This journey can take anywhere from 9 to 11 hours by car or bus, depending on the mode of transportation, the route taken, and the driving speed.

Travel Options

a) By Road: Traveling by road is the most common option chosen by travelers. There are two primary routes:

  • Via NH60: This is the shorter route, approximately 630 kilometers, taking around 10 hours. The road is smooth, making it a favorite among travelers.
  • Via NH753F: Slightly longer, this route spans about 550 kilometers and might take up to 10:30 hours.

When driving, it’s recommended to start early in the morning to avoid traffic and reach by evening.

b) By Train: Several trains run between Pune and Amravati, ensuring a comfortable journey. The train journey can take anywhere from 12 to 17 hours, depending on the train’s speed, route and the number of stops.

c) By Air: Though there isn’t a direct flight between Pune and Amravati, one can take a flight to Nagpur, the nearest major airport to Amravati, and then proceed by road or rail.

Sightseeing in Amravati

Once in Amravati, there’s plenty to explore:

  • Amba Devi Temple: A historic temple, it draws thousands of pilgrims annually.
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve: A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, this reserve is home to tigers, panthers, and sambar.
  • Chikhaldara: The only hill station in the Vidarbha region, it’s perfect for a serene getaway.

Tips for Travelers

  1. Plan Ahead: Especially during holiday seasons, it’s wise to book your tickets and accommodations in advance.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Whether traveling by road or rail, carry enough water and snacks.
  3. Check the Weather: The weather can greatly influence your journey, so keep an eye on the forecast.

From the buzzing urban life of Pune to the calm, cultural realm of Amravati, the journey is as rewarding as the destinations themselves. Ensure you’re well-prepared, and your trip will undoubtedly be an enriching experience.

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