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Pune To Jalgaon Distance 461 Km: Exploring The City’s Hidden Treasures

Travelling from Pune to Jalgaon involves scenic landscapes and cultural diversity. With an approximate travel time of 8 hours and 33 minutes - 461 km, it is a beautiful way to experience the rural beauty of Maharashtra.

August 17, 2023: Before 21-Oct-1960, Jalgaon district was known as East Khandesh district. It was previously part of “Khandesh”. According to Abul Fazal, the name Khandesh is derived from the “Khan” title given by Ahmad-I of Gujarat (1411-1443) to Malik Nasir, the second of the Faruki kings.

Discovering Jalgaon: A city of gold and bananas

Jalgaon is a city of fascinating contrasts. As a result of its exceptional gold production, the city’s gold is renowned for its purity, fetching high market prices. As a result, the city earned the moniker “Gold City.” However, that’s not all – Jalgaon also proudly wears the “Banana City” title, thanks to its extensive banana cultivation.

Bananas and beyond agricultural triumphs

Jalgaon’s agricultural prowess extends beyond bananas. The advent of drip irrigation in 1989 acted as a catalyst, boosting banana production almost threefold from 1.2 million tonnes to an impressive 3.4 million tonnes. Despite challenges like dry weather and humidity requirements, Jalgaon has adopted high-density planting, revolutionizing its agricultural landscape.

Banana distribution and cross-border trade

Bananas play a significant role in Jalgaon’s economy – it also has a role in international trade. The city contributes around 70% of Maharashtra’s and 11-12% of India’s banana output. Farmers like Premanand Hari Mahajan have garnered global recognition for their outstanding yields. The desire for open borders with Pakistan for trade has even influenced banana exports to that neighbouring country.

Jalgaon: Where history meets the Girna river

Besides its agricultural accomplishments, Jalgaon is a symbol of history and culture. The Girna River flows through its western region, lending a serene charm to the city. Earning the colloquial title “Banana City of India,” Jalgaon is a major banana producer in Maharashtra, thanks to its farmers.

Savoury treats from the local cuisine

Here are some of the most delicious Khandeshi dishes you must try: 1. Khapar Manda 2. Patodi Bhaji 3. Batti–Varan 4. Dadar Bhakri 5. Shev Bhaji 6. Raw Banana Roti 7. Vangyache Bharit 8. Jalebis

Taking in the sights – places to visit

Gandhi Research Foundation, Patna Devi, Mahatma Gandhi Garden, Waghur Dam, Omkareshwar Mandir, Shree Manudevi, Bhauche Udayan Park, Hatnur Dam, Maharishi Kanva Ashram, Sri Ram Mandir, Eechapurti Ganesh Mandir.

Jalgaon in a nutshell: A city of uniqueness

Situated in North Maharashtra, Jalgaon serves as the administrative headquarters of its namesake district. Known for both bananas and gold, Jalgaon has become a melting pot of agriculture, culture, and heritage. Area: 68.24 km² Elevation: 216 m Area code: 0257

Travel distance and time taken from Pune to Jalgaon

By road 461 km, from Pune via NH60, Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg and NH 753F, 8 hrs 33 min. By MSRTC 9 hrs 35 mins

When journeying from Pune to Jalgaon distance of 461 km, many experiences await – from the lush landscapes along the NH60 to the lively culture within the city limits. It is an 8-hour drive across physical distance and connects two diverse but harmoniously connected cities. Discover all that Jalgaon has to offer by enjoying the local flavours, learning about its history, and perhaps even taking home a piece of its famed gold or a bunch of its renowned bananas.

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