Pune woman kills husband after a month of marriage & fakes robbery: a shocking crime unveiled

In a tragic turn of events, a newly married woman in Pune, India, has been arrested for the murder of her husband. Ankita Bodake, a 24-year-old woman, allegedly killed her husband, Rajendra Kalbhor, and attempted to mislead the police by claiming that the murder was committed by masked robbers. This chilling incident has sent shockwaves through the community and raised questions about the hidden realities behind seemingly ordinary lives.

The Deceptive Plan Unveiled

Ankita Bodake’s plan to execute the murder of her husband began to unravel as the Pimpri-Chinchwad police delved deeper into the case. It was discovered that on that fateful day, Ankita and Rajendra visited the Prati Shirdi temple in Shirgaon, accompanied by a visit to her family’s farm located 1.5 km away. According to Ankita’s initial account, she made a distress call to her father, claiming that both she and her husband had fallen victim to a brutal assault by masked individuals.

Evident Inconsistencies

As investigators arrived at the farm, they found Rajendra Kalbhor’s lifeless body bearing severe injuries inflicted by a sharp weapon. However, it was Ankita’s behavior and conflicting statements that aroused suspicion. Assistant Police Inspector NA Patil noted that Ankita’s demeanor and response to the incident raised doubts about her involvement. As the police pressed for further details, Ankita’s fabricated tale began to crumble.

Unveiling the Truth

Under intense questioning, Ankita eventually confessed to the heinous crime, providing chilling details of her premeditated plan. According to her testimony, Ankita had endured relentless harassment from her husband since their marriage just a month and a half prior. She claimed that Rajendra had cast doubts on her character, leading her to concoct a plan to end his life.

A Calculated Act of Brutality

Ankita’s plan unfolded on the day of the murder. She carried a knife with her, intending to eliminate her husband while visiting the isolated farm. Seizing the opportune moment when Rajendra was engrossed in his phone, Ankita launched a vicious attack on him with the knife. To ensure his demise, she employed additional weapons available at the scene, such as a pickaxe and stones.

The Aftermath

After successfully executing her sinister plan, Ankita made a call to her father, attempting to create the illusion of a robbery gone wrong. However, the authorities saw through her deception and brought her to justice. The police are now investigating her motives and potential accomplices, aiming to shed light on any hidden details that may have contributed to this horrific crime.

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