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Punekar Gather at R K Laxman Museum in Baner for Museum Day Celebrations

The spirit of World Museum Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the R K Laxman Museum in Baner, Pune. The event, organized by the R K Laxman Foundation, brought together notable personalities from various fields to engage with students and explore the life and work of the legendary cartoonist, Mr. R. K. Laxman.

The event was graced by famous guests including nano technologist and physicist, Prof. Dr. Sulabha Kulkarni, art enthusiast K D Kulkarni, radio jockey Teju from Radio City, Shailesh Ghatpande, Director of Operations of Seva Sahayog Foundation, Usha Laxman, Chairperson of R. K. Laxman Foundation, Ruchira Sawant and Sharwari Kulkarni, Founders of MakeShift, and Ritesh Sain, Assistant Manager from SBI Foundation.

The highlight of the event was the visit of children from the Snehavan Organization who had the opportunity to attend a session by the dignitaries. They embarked on a museum tour where they delved into the personal and professional life of R. K. Laxman, renowned for his iconic cartoons. Along with admiring the cartoons, the students had the chance to explore the replica of Malgudi village, capture selfies with the statue of the common man, and immerse themselves in the joy of museums.

The esteemed guests shared their wisdom and experiences with the students, inspiring them to pursue their passions just as R. K. Laxman did. RJ Teju shared her personal journey and the efforts that led her to achieve her dreams, while K D Kulkarni reminisced about his interactions with R. K. Laxman during their encounters at the Times of India office. His speech echoed his nostalgic journey back in time.

During the event, Ritesh Sain from SBI Foundation announced a partnership with Seva Sahayog Foundation, R. K. Laxman Foundation, and MakeShift for the ‘Vision Thread’ project. This program aims to provide creative expression opportunities and foster an appreciation for art. Over 1,200 students from Pune Municipal Corporation schools will discover their medium of expression through this initiative. Guided by R. K. Laxman’s philosophy, the ‘Vision Thread’ program will explore cartoons from various domains, Indian history, famous personalities, and common man issues, cultivating observation, humor, and empathy among the children for a brighter future.

The celebration of Museum Day at R K Laxman Museum proved to be a remarkable and enriching experience for all, inspiring young minds and fostering a deeper connection with art and creativity.

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